The linux setup for everyone (free software with GUI only)

  • Linux distros for beginners

    If you don't know where to start. Here is a limited selected choice for beginners ! Stop searching for the perfect distro, use something stable widely used with great community support !

  • Linux Mint

    Free Linux Website

    If you're a Windows user start with Linux Mint. If you have a good PC go with Cinnamon if your machine is quiet old I'll recommend you the xfce edition. It's based on Ubuntu (which is based on Debian) which have tons of ressources for beginners !


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  • elementary OS

    Free Linux Website

    If you are a Mac Guy (or Girl, or anything) elementary OS is the distro for you. The default look is a bit outdated by default in my opinion but you're on Linux and their's tons of tutorial on how to customize it and make it looks more modern ! elementary OS has the closest user interface with macOS while not copying it and being super stable and suitable for beginners !


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  • Default apps

  • Mozilla Firefox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Snapcraft Haiku Fire TV Gecko Website

    Firefox is my go to browser for Linux don't forget to disable telemetry in settings and install Small uBlock Origin iconuBlock Origin + Small ClearURLs iconClearURLs ! Arkenfox is a great ressource if you want to harden your FF browser !


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  • Junction

    Free Linux FLATHUB GNOME Website

    If like my you use multiple browsers daily this one will be useful. Set it as your browser by default and when clicking on a link it will prompt which browser you want to open.
    It let you also choose for other software such as email client, image viewer, file explorer, etc...

    Worth mentioning : Small Braus iconBraus for Arch users


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  • VLC Media Player

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 Apple Watch Apple TV F-Droid Kindle Fire Haiku Website

    The king of media player !


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  • Mark Text

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    I do use this Mark down text editor and found it amazing !


    Mark Text icon
  • Geary

    Free Linux Chrome OS BSD GNOME Website

    A nice e-mail client for Linux !


    Geary icon
  • Gwenview

    Free Linux KDE Website

    If the image visualizer that come with your distro not suit your needs look at the KDE one !


    Gwenview icon
  • Okular

    Free Windows Linux BSD Website

    A PDF (and ePub/ebooks) reader for Linux !


    Okular icon
  • Flatpak

    Free Linux Website

    You can choose between many different ways to install softwares on linux. It can be confusing for new comers ! I would personally recommend Flatpak first. It's universal (works with any distro), tends to deliver more up to date versions of softwares and integrate well with your default Linux App Store. Just download any flatpak from Small Flathub iconFlathub 's website, install it and now they should be added in your AppStore !


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  • Gaming

  • Steam

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad SteamOS Website

    The Launcher for Linux gamers. Enable Steam Play (Proton) in the steam settings and you will be able to play most steam games without any other tweaking !


    Steam icon
  • Lutris

    Free Linux Web Website

    The most useful linux tool for gamers. Allow you to easily (most of the time) installing Windows games with scripts that will do every tweaking for you ! So you will not cry trying to do stuff with Small Wine iconWine


    Lutris icon
  • RetroArch

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Blackberry iPad OpenPandora Steam Raspberry Pi Playstation Xbox Website

    If you want to emulate retro games this one is gold when you know how to use it !


    RetroArch icon
  • Bottles

    Free Linux Website

    Small Wine iconWine is mandatory if you want Windows softaware/games supports. It's not super user friendly but thanks to tools like this one or Small Lutris iconLutris it's easier.


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  • Discord

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet BSD iPad Electron / Atom Shell FreeBSD Playstation Website

    If your friends game on PC, they probably use this one to communicate !


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  • MangoHUD

    Free Linux Proton Website

    Collects and logs details about game performance in games using OpenGL/Vulkan. Can display live statistics in overlay.


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