LibreWolf, the community-maintained fork of Librefox: a privacy and security-focused browser.

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    • D1
      Dante_17 Upvoted a comment on LibreWolf
      Firefox.... the way it should be. Very privacy oriented, less useless features, works with Firefox extensions, not based on Chromium
      4 days ago
    • virtueisitsownreward Downvoted a comment on LibreWolf
      Its a highly modified Firefox with several privacy oriented modifications, like built in ublock and disabled stuff...however the devs chase the privacy so much, in the end its not suitable for the avg man to browse properly. Streaming services are blocked due to drm video blocking, no google search, no synced bookmark. Its just a Firefox for neckbeards.
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      27 days ago
    • ko
      koloraros liked LibreWolf
      about 1 month ago