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Updated web browsers for Windows XP

With version 50, Google Chrome ended support for Windows XP , but there are still a lot of XP users. This is a list of alternative browsers that still support XP.

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Software Used in Mr. Robot

Software used by the hackers in the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning drama/thriller series Mr. Robot. THIS LIST CONTAINS SPOILERS UP TO AND INCLUDING SEASON 2, EPISODE 11!

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Our selection of the best alternative launchers on Android for 2018

The launcher (or application launcher) is the backbone of Android, the screen where you spend the most time.

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What we use to build AlternativeTo

All the tools, services and so on that we use when we develop AlternativeTo. AlternativeTo is built in ASP.NET using C# and is hosted on Azure. We do use a lot of other services as well and you can read all about them below.

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My Essential Windows App List

Here is a list of all the programs that have survived the test of time, for my needs. Gamer-centric windows setup.

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My favorite games of all-time

I love to play games, mainly on my PC or a console. I'm not sure why i never have gotten hooked on mobile games but i guess to many of them are focused on casual gaming and stupid free-to-play schemes.

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Apps that made 2017

I used many applications (and websites) on my MacBook in 2017. Here are the best ones.

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Recently discontinued apps

Well know apps that has been discontinued recently.

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The best free DAWs

Good digital audio workstations are not cheap but these free DAWs are good enough to get you started on the way to affording the more feature-packed apps.

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Linux Apps

Useful apps for GNU/Linux systems

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How to live without Google

For many the Internet is Google: Search, mail, videos, web browser, cloud services, mobile OS, etc. - Google is the major player in all these fields.

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Android Emulator

i reviewed all of this android emulator !

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Apps i'm using on day to day basis in my work

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Free software that you'll love if you're a gamer

If you are passionate about gaming and you are looking for the best free programs to improve your experience while you play, you can't miss the following list with some of the best software available for every gamer out there.

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Windows Apps

Useful apps for Windows

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I use these software on Windows

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Linux Graphics

My personal list of graphics applications made or ported to linux (Incomplete)

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Great alternative app markets for ...

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