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Great alternative app markets for ...

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Windows Apps

Useful apps for Windows

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My Essential Windows App List

Here is a list of all the programs that have survived the test of time, for my needs. Gamer-centric windows setup.

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Want to reinstall Windows or install Linux on your computer? Try these tools.

So you've decided to give Linux a shot, and you've found a distribution that suits you. Or maybe you want to reinstall Windows because it's running slow, infected with viruses, or won't boot.

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My privacy / security tools

In recent years advertising companies started to tracks you everywhere on the web (and even in the "real life") spying you, constantly wanting to know what you are doing, when, where, why and even with who.

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Tools for the Media Collector

Programs and utilities for creating, managing, and editing media files. Ideal for the most anal retentive of digital media hoarders who need to have everything just so.

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Linux Essentials

The must haves for anyone using Linux!

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Interesting and open-source Android apps

A list of interesting and open source Android apps.

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Go cross-platform

Apps that work across multiple platforms so you get the same experience on all the systems you use.

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Apps i'm using on day to day basis in my work

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Bookmark ALTs

Bookmarking clients to consider.

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Cross-Platform apps

These are applications (both free and commercial) which runs on Android and Windows.

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Free lightweight web browsers that may speed up your web navigation

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, these are probably browsers the majority of you use. Indeed, these browsers are probably the best ones on the market right now, we can’t argue with that.

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Apps to keep your data private

Privacy is a far more serious concern than most people realize. Personal data could be used to steal your identity, and your money. It could also allow malicious people to track you or your loved ones and find opportune moments to do harm.

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A vast compilation of great writing apps and word processors, for all your writing needs. From office suites to publishing tools. // Used = * / Highly recommended = **

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A Software Engineer Work Essentials

An up to date list of what I need in order to do my job.

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WebUI Control Panel`s for your home server

For easier control off your home server. Here is a list off webUI Control Panels for just that.

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Best Personal Media Apps

Must have apps for running your own personal media. Updates: December 3, 2018: Added Soundiiz for online music service playlist synchronization. July 30, 2018: Added Mylar and Ombi.

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