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System Customization - Windows

Software that can be used to customize the Windows user interface.

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Creation And Development

offline computer productivity tools for silent production before media sentinels trademarks reality plots, mostly at graphic canvas that are supported by devices and print resources;

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Apps, websites, and programs that involve music discovery, music players, playlists/fanmixes, etc.

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Open Source Comms

I've found these to be useful every day. Give them a test!

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Bitcoin has risen to $15,000+: Here are some other cryptocurrencies on the rise.

Bitcoin has recently become a viral topic in the media and can often be seen as a trending topic of discussion on social networks.

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Make money online!

Here are some apps you can use to make money on the internet.

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Start your own startup

Interested in creating your own service, mobile app or other product? These apps can help kick start your startup business.

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Pokémon Go!

Enhance your Pokémon catching ability or just have some extra fun with these apps that extend the worldwide craze that is Pokémon GO .

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collabee stack

Products used at collabee

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Keyboard Changes

Keyboard layout editors and key remappers. Useful for making Mac and Win keyboards more alike.

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Torrent Client

My favorite torrent clients

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Save space and data on your Android phone

Here is a list of lite versions of famous Android apps, designed for low data usage and made for not-so-new smartphones.

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Alternatives to products

These are the alternatives to my liked apps for Google Code In

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Security and Privacy Enhancing Chrome Extensions

The extensions on this list will harden your Chrome/Chromium installation against security risks and invasions of privacy. Step one is using an open source and Google free Chromium fork like https://alternativeto .

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Best Apps of 2016

This year, we've seen scores of outstanding new software releases, some groundbreaking, some extending already great ideas with enhanced functionality.

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The Games I Play...

Most of the games I play are city builders. I'm a 50+ woman with simple tastes and I play on Steam, sometimes GOG, Kongregate, and less often I still use my PC games on the desktop. I do not use mobile games because I don't use a mobile phone(s).

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Every software you need to make videos

If you are new to the video-sharing place it can be hard to find what you need and such. These recommendations have been tested and proven to work and last for a long time.

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Apps and tools for SEO

When doing search-engine optimization, you need the right apps and tools -- they will save you a lot of time! Here are some of my favourites that I use almost every day.

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