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Alternative WebExtensions for Firefox Quantum

With Firefox 57 a lot of legacy extensions stopped working (see the list Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox ).

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List by Kagerjay

Kagerjays Favorite Software List

This is a list of all my favorite applications that I have used and thoroughly tested, in as many workflow / methods I could possibly imagine.

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List by tameresa

Game engines without the need of writing a single line of code

Bring your own ideas to life as this list is going to include the name of every simple game engine that allows you to create games that may or may not need to write a single line of code!!!

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List by Reptevye

Extended Display

Extended Display for iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac

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List by rahulsaigal

Mac apps

List of all Mac apps

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List by POX

The tools I use for developing websites in 2018

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tools I use for developing websites.

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List by Ugotsta

Good games, no ads!

Games without ads! Fun and non-intrusive.

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List by NinjaHow

De-Google-ify Your Life - Leave Google

Get away from Google with this list off services and software`s

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List by Ola

Git Tools

Just some git tools that i use or want to use.

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List by dataculi

Note Taking

Programs that help you manage or take your notes with a preference for wiki and open-source note-taking applications.

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List by jodumont

Liberate your Android

This is a list of Alternative and Open Source Android Apps and OS I could recommend because I use most of them since November 2013 under Paranoid Android with a Nexus 5. Most of these apps are available via F-Droid.

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List by Ugotsta

Start your own startup

Interested in creating your own service, mobile app or other product? These apps can help kick start your startup business.

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List by Ugotsta

Built with Electron

Electron makes it easy to build cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies, so easy it's been used to power some hugely popular apps. Check out this list of them.

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List by anonsubmitter

Reliable Long-term Image Hosting Sites That Will Stand the Test of Time

This is a list of reliable image hosts with a good track record and more than a few years under the belt. All image hosts on this list support hotlinking.

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List by lunolas


Native and default shell (no cygwin, msys2 or WSL)

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List by JohnFastman

Software for Privacy

Privacy-enhancing software I trust / recommend. Browsers and their extensions, email providers, VPN services, note-taking apps, passwords managers, backup, sync and encryption software - to name just a few.

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List by MarceI

Best Freeware for macOS

A work in progress…

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List by FChiisaia21

Best Platform to Watch Anime Legally

Note: Will be updated soon with number of titles, features, and many more.

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