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How To Survive The Digital Design Landscape

There is a lot going on in the world of digital design. Suddenly, everyone is talking about the importance of good design and there are more tools than ever to get the job done.

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Note Taking

Programs that help you manage or take your notes with a preference for wiki and open-source note-taking applications.

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Best open-source Reddit alternatives you should know about

A couple of months ago, Reddit announced its plans to stop sharing its main website’s open source code base.

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Bookmark ALTs

Bookmarking clients to consider.

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Apps I use as a graphic designer

As a graphic designer, I use a lot of apps for work. Here are all the tools I use in the hope that it can help you.

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Linux Game Development

In this order: 1- Engines; 2- Graphics; 3- Sound;

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WordPress Alternatives for Self Publishers

By the end of 2016 I felt WordPress was not working for me as a self publisher. I've been creating and maintaining my own sites since 1996, in one format or another. What I want in a CMS is a word processor for the web.

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Top security web browser plugins

Plugins that you should have installed to browse internet safely. Of course you don't need to install them all. One java script blocker and one ad blocker and one privacy/tracker blocker is enough.

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Cloud storage apps for your own home server

A list off self-hosted cloud solution`s. If you want to protect your own personal information and files.

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Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox

Firefox Quantum has been released a few days ago. The new update from Mozilla is one met with excitement from many users, for good reason.

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Awesome, open source work

A curated list of awesome apps for work

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Kagerjays Favorite Software List

This is a list of all my favorite applications that I have used and thoroughly tested, in as many workflow / methods I could possibly imagine.

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Great apps made greater with Apple Pencil

It was a big deal when Apple brought pressure-sensitivity to iOS devices through its innovative 3D Touch. Apple's user base overflows with creative professionals, a group for which the technology proved very useful.

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Built with Electron

Electron makes it easy to build cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies, so easy it's been used to power some hugely popular apps. Check out this list of them.

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Best of FOSS

Best software in life is free

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Free and open-source password managers to keep your passwords safe

Using the same password for several accounts (messaging, social networks, online services, bank accounts...) can be a dangerous practice. One solution to this problem is to use a digital safe to store passwords and other sensitive information.

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Extensions to make WordPress do anything

WordPress was built for blogging but also designed to be extensible through plugins and themes.

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Got a new Mac? Install these apps first.

Got a new Mac and starting fresh on a new installation? These are the applications and tools that you should be installing first.

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