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Brave Features

  1.  Privacy focused
  2.  Block Trackers
  3.  No Tracking
  4.  Dark Mode
  5.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  6.  Built-in VPN
  7.  Cloud Sync
  8.  Ad-free
  9.  No registration required
  10.  Support for Themes
  11.  Website Translation
  12.  Picture in Picture
  13.  Integrated Password Manager
  14.  Portable
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  • German
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  • Malay
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
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  •   Updated Mar 26, 2024
  •   4.79 avg rating
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  •  16,556 Stars
  •  2,118 Forks
  •  7153 Open Issues
  •   Updated Apr 9, 2024
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István Kása
Top positive commentFeb 20, 2022

The king of all Chromium-based browsers! Blocks ads and really nice to use.

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Top positive commentSep 3, 2023

fast, privacy focused

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Soul Rain
Top negative commentJul 10, 2019

People who know about privacy know this is b.s. - there is no more anonymity in Brave than in Chrome if you know what to do and (on the other side) when you know what to track. As for the claim on their homepage no less than it is 20x faster than Chrome or Firefox, b.s., as well I tested it and it doesn't load even 2x times faster. The biggest con is that the wooper-dooper integrated ad filter is so bad that it breaks pages while at the same time allowing dozens of pop ups and pop unders that even the most basic extension for Firefox or Chrome can block perfectly. Also, full of small crappy details, such as not being able to change the new tab page which shows a new random image over the interwebs (with no possibility to select the thematic/category at least) and a bean-counter's wet dream of numbers showing how many ads it (absolutely imperfectly) blocked (this tracks all the ads, pretty ironic for a browser bragging about privacy). Just to be clear: this disastrous bloatware new tab is NON NEGOTIABLE, you cannot disable it, not even through under the hood flags. Nothing. Better love to see every time a crappy stock photo and how many ads Brave failed to completely block, Bucko. In summary, much ado about nothing. At this time it's neither more safe nor faster than any big name browser.

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As of Oct 2021 Version 1.31.87 you can definitely change the new tab page to blank if you wish to. I've been following the progress of Brave for some time and it has been improving steadily. In many reviews it's ranked just behind the top guns, but the beauty of Brave it is ready to run with the best security settings already set, whereas with most other browsers you need to do a lot of tweaking.

Reply written Oct 30, 2021

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You can change the start tab to anything in the settings or using an extension. The browser fingerprint is changed every time. Also Brave allows for a smaller attack surface as it eliminates the need for some privacy extensions. It is definitely better than google chrome as google is one of the biggest data collecting companies.

Reply written Dec 9, 2022

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You may want to try Brave again as your experience is now 4 years old. It would be good to see your perspective comparing Brave 4 years later. I would also encourage you to use EFF's Cover Your Tracks test on your favorite browsers and Tor and Firefox and LibreWolf and of course Brave. Brave is the only browser I have found that can consistently pass the EFF test.

Reply written Sep 7, 2023

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Oktay Mercan
ReviewApr 5, 2024

İt is good but too much bloatware features exist. ex: cryptocurrency wallet, paid VPN, cryptocurrency reward feature, and still sponsored ads exist on news section :(

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Positive commentMar 25, 2024

I love brave actually being privacy focussed.

I do wish that it wasn't chromium based, but that's only because of the chromium monopoly we have outside of firefox

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Positive commentMar 9, 2024

Brave, Firefox, and Vivaldi are the three mainstream browsers I recommended, if you like Mozilla, go with Firefox, and the others is up to your preference.

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CommentFeb 25, 2024

Brave isn't for me for similar reasons as Opera. I see why people like it. But disabling all the crypto settings is a pain. Plus I'm not that into AI.

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