uBlock Origin

    Popular and efficient blocker for Chromium, Chrome, Edge, Firefox (desktop and Android), Opera, Thunderbird. Fast and lean.

    • FreeOpen Source
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    • Android
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Vivaldi Browser
    • Google Chrome
    • Pale Moon
    • Thunderbird
    • Opera
    • Chromium
    • Firefox

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    • gltchpnk added Low CPU usage as a feature to uBlock Origin
      6 days ago
    • gltchpnk reviewed uBlock Origin
      it's a wonderful wide-spectrum blocker~ it even has a lot of block lists and unblock lists, you can even add your own things~ it works wonderful, configurable & low on cpu usage compared to some "adblockers"
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      6 days ago
    • NylaTheWolf thinks SponsorBlock is an alternative to uBlock Origin
      8 days ago