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Krita Features

  1.  Keyframe Animation
  2.  Lightweight
  3.  Drawing Tablet Support
  4.  Non Destructive Editing
  5.  Dark Mode
  6.  Custom Brushes
  7.  Color Picker
  8.  Works Offline
  9.  Pressure Sensitivity
  10.  Support for Layers
  11.  Support for CMYK Mode
  12.  No registration required
  13.  Ad-free
  14.  Support for 4K
  15.  Support for scripting
  16.  Portable
  17.  Hardware Accelerated
  18.  WYSIWYG Support
  19.  Onion skinning
  20.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
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Top positive commentMay 6, 2017

My interest in Krita is in cartooning. so I looked mostly at comic related features. I've tried Krita several times and it has some great features such as tiling the image you're working on. The interface has improved as well, and the latest version actually works with my tablet (a straight forward Wacom) whereas previous versions didn't. The brush engine is quite good, but the text and vector tools are still works in progress, Text can be either artistic or a block, but I haven't found a way of putting text on a curvy line. Neither is there a way of easily combining two shapes as you can in Inkscape. The real gem in Krita, which seldom gets discussed, is its layer system. You can have paint (raster) and vector layers, file layers which are much like placed images in Photoshop, fill layers to add patterns, you can group layers, clone layers , and have filter layers as well. All of these can be masked as well, so you have a variety non-destructive of ways in which to manipulate your image. You can create animations which are similar to those made in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop CS6 or later (no vector tweening that I can find). It also opens and saves to Photoshop (though it's unclear which version of PSD files that is) so you have an easy way to move documents from Photoshop "compatible" apps which also read/write PSD files (like Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Pain Tool SAI, et al) though text will be imported as bitmaps. I tried Krita on my dual boot Win7/Mint Linux PCs, and it runs a lot smoother under Linux. Under Win7 I found adjusting layers and other dockers a bit hit or miss. Also, clipping is handled differently than most Photoshop comparable programs.

The features in Krita are more geared toward the focus of commercial editors like Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter, than Photoshop and GIMP, and I find it an interesting alternative in that context. The thing with Open source programs is that given a large enough community using an app, it will get developed. What's needed is a set of motivated developers (which Krita seems to have) and enough feedback about what needs improving. There's a new release coming this June/July and I shall be interested in seeing what's upgraded.

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It's still more oriented on painting rather than photo processing and editing.

Reply written May 15, 2017

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Very much so.

Reply written May 16, 2017

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Top positive commentMay 20, 2016

I used to be an avid Photoshoper, having used every thing from Elements to Pro. But try funding that hobby (no remuneration in creative commons) when your a student. Also Photoshop was a huge drain on my system resources, so I came to this website looking for a decent replacement. I found Krita, a little open-source program that purported to be able to compete with the big boys. I had my doubts but with nothing to loose I went ahead and downloaded it. I was shocked. The interface took about 3-5 hours to learn (with a little browsing of the wiki and user manual) and once I actually started working with Krita it became apparent that it was at least as powerful as Photoshop if not Photoshop Pro, without the useless do-dads and bloatware. My favorite feature is the brush engines, their versatility save huge amounts of time and their scope is mind-blowing. Projects that used to take an hour in Photoshop take 20-30 minutes in Krita. Summery If you are tired of wasting time and money on features you never use that still slow down your computer and don't give you a great result, switch to Krita--I think you won't be disappointed.

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Top negative commentAug 2, 2022

No EPS support :-(

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Oktay Mercan
Positive commentJan 6, 2024

I use gimp but its not supporting .dng file but krita has support raw (dng file). İt has support python scipting/plugin and plus you can use AI to create AI assisted edit but you must install AI Diffusion plugin for that.

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Positive comment
Pending approval • Edited Dec 1, 2023

Focused on digital painting but can also be used as a generic image editor. And now there is also an AI Live Painting plugin.

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Charlie Ramirez
Positive commentNov 8, 2023

Krita is the perfect fusion between Photoshop and digital painting programs like SAI and ClipStudio. It can do frame-by-frame animation, although it is not its main use. If you have a touch screen or digital tablet you get the maximum potential of this program. But don't worry, even with the Mouse, you can perfectly create masterpieces knowing how to use it. Disadvantage - IT DOES NOT ALLOW PRINTING DIRECTLY, You need to export the image to some format or PDF and then print Personally, I hate the paint bucket tool, it always leaves bitten pixels or white lines near the edges, leaving a MsPaint look to difference from photoshop that always leaves you with uniform fillings or with little overflow. Although it is adjustable, it has to be done manually and it takes time. -The text tool is somewhat rudimentary. and the window shows you the text as you format it, which can make it difficult to use if you work with certain colors. and tends to get bogged down with long texts and skip spaces and tabs. (Take this into account if you often use spaces to format "accommodate" text or require a lot of writing) tools like automatic patching can improve Rules and guidelines are of little use. Advantages -Does not spend as many resources as PS. and it has no hidden telemetry or dependencies on weird background services. -It has a special non-destructive Lineart coloring tool (works like a color overlay) that works better, it is almost a substitute for the paint can. -Can open Photoshop files (in reading mode and supports some changes) -There are true talents and masterpieces with this software, so what you do with it depends on your ability more than the program. You can check out some of them on their Official Reddit, which is also a board of artists who use only this program and sometimes show how to do it.

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Positive commentSep 22, 2023

I love Krita and I find it WAY simpler to use than GIMP.

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