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Apps with 'Integration' feature

  1. Comidor is an integrated platform that smartly connects people, data and processes offering a holistic approach for organizations to drive digital business transformation and achieve continuous improvement.
  2. Skyvia is a cloud data platform for data integration, backup & management. It provides quick and easy data integration with no coding, secure cloud-to-cloud data backup with one-click restore and online data management via SQL.

  3. Safe, Secure, and Accessible Code Hosting
  4. Seamlessly push websites, documents, pictures, and everything else to any device associated with your account which have the app installed on the device.


    On the website they mentioned that the app is discontinued:

    "Thank you for using DeskConnect.
    We will be discontinuing DeskConnect as of February 20, 2017. After this date, the service will no longer be available and all files and links you have sent or received will be deleted. Please save any items you’d like to keep prior to February 20, 2017."

  5. APIANT offers Data Integration Software Solutions for Citizen Integrators, Integration Specialists, IT Managers, SaaS Companies and Enterprises.
  6. Document360 is your one stop Software as a Service (SaaS) knowledge base platform for software product and project documentation. With Document360, you can create rich documentation and knowledge base for your offerings (both internal and external) with ease.
  7. Fantastic manager which connects to many Social services and cloud solutions.
  8. is an independent chatbot building platform with an easy drag and drop interface driven by powerful NLP. Create and manage chatbots to automate customer service, marketing and CX across digital messaging channels like WhatsApp and Messenger.
  9. xMatters is an actionable IT alerting platform that relays data between systems while engaging the right people to resolve incidents faster.
  10. Bringing together essential sales and marketing tools for growth-focused businesses. Visual CRM, Social and Marketing Automation Combined. Simply the parts of CRM and Marketing software you actually use, without the costs and integration hassles.
  11. Microservices-based, cloud-native integration platform (iPaaS) enables organizations to enhance integration capabilities across SaaS, on-premise, IoT and Mobile systems and react faster to changing key business priorities.
    • FreemiumProprietary
    • Online
    • Rollbar
    • Jira
    • Trello
    • Pipedrive
    • Slack
    • CircleCI
    • JetBrains TeamCity
    • Heroku
    • Redmine
    • Olark
    • Bitbucket
    • Jenkins
    • Atlassian Stash
    • HipChat
    • Stash
    • GitLab
    We provide a way to track progress of many different tools developers use and turn it into an achievements and leaderboard based game. It makes work at a software company similar to playing multiplayer game.


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  12. Zynk is an Integration and Business Automation platform which is installed on your Windows server and allows you to create custom workflows to automate Data Integration tasks, Create Dashboards, Automate Reporting, PDF Generation and much more with little or no coding required.
  13. Do you struggle to localize your Ruby on Rails apps? Our simple translation management platform is here for you. Import your existing project translations in YAML file format, invite your teammates and translators and work collaboratively on your project.
  14. Easy-to-configure and feature-rich form backend that notifies you in your E-mail, Slack & Telegram! Don't write a whole backend for just a form, never miss any submissions again.