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  •   Updated Dec 30, 2023
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Top positive commentAug 18, 2015

This free web based software is the perfect way to manage your finances. Manage multiple accounts on a calendar. Set recurring transactions and see how they affect your balance over days, months and years. Tweak your transactions and save money. All easily done in this clever tool. There is also a mobile version of the site and you can invite others (family members, for example) to see and adjust the calendar. If you've never used any calendar software (for example, Google Calendar), the learning curve may be a little steep, but there are tutorial videos available to help you.

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Top positive commentJan 9, 2015

I have been looking for something like this forever. Then to find it and it's free...doesn't get any better than that. An app for smartphone would make it the best ever. Telling all my friends.

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Roberto GP

No longer free for now, but totally worth the current price.

Reply written Jul 9, 2018

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CommentJul 20, 2018

This application is not free, except for the first month, trial.

Otherwise, it looks like a good idea. I wanted to try it to see if it created decent reports. But i'm not interested in spending money when, for example, HomeBank works fine for me.

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Roberto GP
Positive commentJul 9, 2018

Great App! Don't let the modest User Interface deceive you, this could be by far the best option to track, forsee and forecast the course of your personal finance. The mobile app is on it's way; meanwhile it has a descent mobile version of the site. I recommend it all the way.

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Positive commentJun 30, 2018

This app is awesome! Life changing for those who want to truly monitor their finances!

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Positive commentSep 10, 2017

CalendarBudget allows me to make categories of my choosing, track spending, provides notifications of due dates by email. Let's me know when my due dates are and how much money I have left at any given time. It's a simple set up procedure and I can let the entire family know where we are in our budget process.

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Positive commentFeb 27, 2016

Calendar budget is the easiest financial budgeting program I've used. Much, much, MUCH better than MINT or YNAB. I've tried both those apps (plus others) and despite their strong aesthetic design, the apps themselves are overly complicated, bloated and seem to be focussed on the wrong aspects of your financial health.

With Calendar Budget, I can schedule all my bills (recurring) and also all my automatic savings (RRSPs, RESPs, TSFAs, etc...). Once those are all in, it's very easy to forecast and plan for future expenses or to simply see how much money I have left over (after bills and savings) before my next pay day. The only negative point I can make about CalendarBudget is their mobile experience is still not very good. It works best on a desktop or tablet. Also not crazy about the look/design, but the overall concept and features entirely make up for that.

The real icing on the cake, however, is it's free. That really does help your finances!!

PS - Also, the developer who created the app will email you directly and quite quickly if you have any questions or require support.

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