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Comment by evan
about Get Satisfaction · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

As somebody who has contributed to projects on getsatisfaction, I love using it. There's no barrier of entry because you can login with OpenID. It's amazing how easy it is for users and developers to not only effectively address issues but also feature requests and order them by importance with voting. I wish every open source project could take up a similar feedback model. Mailing lists suck.


Comment by Katy
about Get Satisfaction · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I have started using UserVoice for my employer's products. You CAN integrate many product forums into a single UserVoice account and you can restrict which users are allowed to participate in which forums within the account.

I looked at Get Satisfaction as well but there was one major detail that steered me away. It's a fully public forum. Anyone can see it. My company is not exactly ready for that much transparency.


GetSatisfaction (Engl.), UserVoice + UseResponse (German)

Comment by em4020
about Get Satisfaction and UseResponse, UserVoice · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I have seen, that GetSatisfaction from user's view is better than UserVoice, because one can integrate here a lot of different software products. I have not found something like Getsatisfaction in the German-speaking area yet. I am inspired once again completely, as well as from AlternativeTo. I like it, that in GetSatisfaction I even can corrrect my comments afterwards within 15 minutes. This (as many other very good features as for example quick receiving of a Short URL with one click) is a symptom of a seldom seen very good quality. Pity only that there is for it no German user interface. I wished, that more software products would use high quality user feedback systems with voting facility as Uservoice or GetSatisfaction. UserVoice has multilanguage-support, is is also very professional, but only for separated software products. But I learn translating constantly from the very good translation machine PROMPT:

In May 2012 staskltd informed me, that UseResponse is a Customer Feedback similar to GetSatisfaction in German language: . Several german companies already implemented it to support customers.

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