The software I'll install on my laptop once I ditch macOS for Linux

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Interesting list, mixing libre software with closed freemium.

Thanks for putting a light on Oni :)

If you prefer KDE integration:

  • Gparted has got a KDE fork, called KDE partition manager.
  • Qbittorrent > Transmission,
  • Kdenlive > DaVinci Resolve imo
  • Konsole if you like single terminal with a nice looking translucent blur
    (i use terminator or Tmux to get split terminals though)
  • Dolphin > Thunar on KDE w/ ffmpegthumbnails previews
  • KDE widgets for note taking if you like have them hanging on desktop
  • to edit image, try Krita it's very intuitive, lighter, nice looking and very powerful.

For mail, there's also Kontact which can does what thunderbird does and more (cal, contacts), in a KDE integrated style.
For screenshots Spectacle is integrated with KDE, it's got timing options. Although flameshot is great to edit on the fly, you can edit with a almost-light editor like Krita.

And if you're not into Firefox (waterfox being outdated), try instead of Google Chromium (which is bloated with spyware).



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Great list, but didn't specify what each one is equivalent to on the Mac. For me, finding was a revelation since it is the closest to Bear Notes that I've found so far.


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Yes, good list, here more software


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