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Add as many folders and subfolders as you want!
Like fonts, because, we both know, you like them ;)
Super easy collection management. One-click edits and creation.
Activate fonts and use them in Creative Cloud apps or any other software immediately!
All fonts are synced in background automatically. You can even use Dropbox.
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Top positive comment

Had RightFont for a long time, but business decisions made me switch to FontBase. Similar Features but way more customer-friendly

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Top positive comment

activates my fonts perfectly when i need to use them for an project just what i need :)

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Top negative comment

Looks neat, but the UI has some usability issues.

However, the deal-breaker for me is that it doesn't allow you to add folders on a network drive. :(

Other than that, it looks like it could be good. If they ever support network folders, I'll give it another try.

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Alexandre ZANNI
Negative comment

Not open source, distributed on Linux only as an AppImage. The free version is lacking of so much features. It's just heavy and useless.

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Negative comment

I am shocked that the developer thought it would be appropriate to charge money for this. This is not stable at all, and basic features like showing a grid instead of a list is behind a paywall!?!?!? Also, $180 for "forever"support, are you kidding me? Plex Pass does so much more than this application yet a perpetual licence is cheaper, and the monthly subscription is slightly more expensive but again, that application does a ton more than this. This developer should feel ashamed of themselves. Uninstalled after 5 minutes, I do not recommend, total waste of time. Should open source this under GPL and call it a day.

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Lester Covax
Negative comment

After using NexusFont for a few years, I've had to start looking for alternatives that can handle my unhealthy, ever-growing TLC's 'hoarders'- worthy collection of fonts. NexusFont will just grind to a halt occasionally, even with the collection being organized into several top-level and even more sub-level folders. I lasted about 20 minutes with FontBase before uninstalling it, with about 10 minutes of that time spent trying to find the window once open. It is yet another app that someone seems to have only tested on a 4K 30" screen, as the window was too large to fit on my laptop's screen while set to either 125/150% scaling. The minimum size coded into the app almost ended up filling my attached 1080 display set to 100% scaling.
DPI scaling support amongst apps is already a can of worms, but it's typically with legacy WFP-based or or older apps, so I was surprised when this UWP app was designed so poorly. To add insult to injury, there's so much empty real-estate in the UI that things started to make less sense. At that point I didn't bother setting custom DPI-scaling in the compatibility settings for it, especially after determining it was extremely lean on features (such as the tagging available in NexusFont, which was a must-have for me). Definitely not the app for me, and my horde of fonts, but it may be enough for others' purposes.

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Mauricio B. Holguin
Positive comment

Great UI and really easy to use. Really wish it has Font synchronization between different computers though

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