FileZilla is a powerful FTP-client. It has been designed for ease of use and with support for as many features as possible, while still being fast and reliable. The program offers support for firewalls and proxy connections as well as SSL and Kerberos GSS security.

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Free with limited functionality

Pricing Information

One time purchase (perpetual license) ranging between $10 and $20

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux BSD ReactOS

Apps for FileZilla

FileZilla is also a platform with 2 apps listed on AlternativeTo. Browse all 2 apps for FileZilla.

Links to official FileZilla sites

Official Website    GitHub


Ad-free Dedicated Server Hosting File transfer Mounting drives Portable Support for SFTP Add a feature


File Sharing


Bundleware file-transfer-protocol ftp-client


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After 2 years started to use filezilla again. I did stop using it because of the password security. I am now seeing there is master password. And WOW, this is what i was looking for. Non problematic...

See why people like FileZilla 😍

That saddens me greatly. I got caught off guard, I just assumed (given my previous experiences) that it was a normal install process and clicked through it without thinking, and it installed some...

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