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Comment by wangych
about CherryTree · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

cherrytree can provide programming language syntax highlighting and basic table editing, which is not provided in Zim Desktop. But I like more the way in Zim to organize pages and files, which provides one-to-one map between page and file, while its editing capability is limited, in the attachment folder it can hold any different type of files, so you can edit different format in attachment files.


Author is fan of Bandera

Comment by thisisme
about CherryTree · May 2016 · Helpful Not helpful -43 Helpful Report as spam

just ask him. disgusting.


what if you learn one day that B.Gates and L.Torvalds are fans of Bandera as well - would it stop you of using linux and window both ? Besides, what do you know about this person? You'd better learn more about him before you say something like this, course he was undoubtedly more ethic and humane than Che Guevara. Do not rely on what is said in wikipedia, as it is often far from ultimate truth ;)

If that's true I would steer clear of everything that person touches including his software no matter how good it might be, and, yes, even OSs - really disgusting, shame on him if that's true!

vow, easy man, you'r so nervous :)
just keep your opinion for yourself as this is not a place for political discussions

And Torvalds is a fan of Finnish concentration camps for Soviet kids while Gates fan of Lenin&Stalin. So what?

Who or what is Bandera, and why should it be disgusting?