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Zim Features

  1.  Works Offline
  2.  Hierarchical Structure
  3.  WYSIWYG Support
  4.  Portable
  5.  Ad-free
  6.  Full-Text Search
  7.  Dark Mode
  8.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  9.  Privacy focused
  10.  Spell Checking
  11.  File Versioning
  12.  Lightweight
  13.  Calendar Integration
  14.  Distraction-free
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John Fastman
Top positive commentDec 17, 2016

If you would like to sync your Zim wiki database between computers, but don't want to have the plain text version synced (e.g. because of Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive/Box privacy concerns), you can always save your Zim database file in an encrypted Vault using the excellent open source and cross-platform app Cryptomator.

Otherwise, you can sync using Spideroak, Tresorit, or pCloud's encrypted folder. All of these are end-to-end encrypted.

An additional benefit of using Cryptomator is that you can close Zim, lock the vault in Cryptomator and other users on the same computer won't be able to open or access your Zim database contents.

This solution should be included on the Zim FAQ page, which says that you can't have encryption. This is an easy and convenient solution.

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Please send a mail to the devs, this is indeed a very good idea! Thank you for the report!

Reply written Jan 14, 2017

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Top positive commentNov 13, 2016

Speaking of more or less notable feature differences. So, Wikidpad has got anchors, and can also make insertions (you insert content of one page into other, and it updates dynamically when you make changes to the page you inserted content from). Zim hasn't got this; anchors are planned, but the works for them haven't even started yet.

On the other hand, Zim doesn't have HTML and preview modes, you work in one unified mode; no distorting of downscaled images; somewhat easier and faster work as you don't have to write code.

My personal verdict: if you don't yet have your wikis\notes, then Zim will be easier and faster start. But if you use WikidPad for a long time already and have lots of experience with it - no sense in switching to Zim, as WikidPad has slighly more capabilities.

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Top negative commentApr 10, 2023

The best note-taking app for Linux in terms of features... but it doesn't use markdown. Seriously, I am so used to markdown that I even use it on paper, so any software that does not offer such a basic feature is totally unusable for me. :(

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Positive commentNov 1, 2023

Zim is a really good app to store notes, data, to do, knowledge and more. It is open-source and there are a lot of plugins to extend Zim, there are options for customizing it's look and it is really comfortable to use.

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ReviewAug 20, 2023

Doesn't bring in webpage hyperlinks like CherryTree and Obsidian does. No text colors.

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Joseph Peni
Positive commentJun 28, 2023

Zim is a good way of organizing and accessing the piles of useful and often referenced information in my life.

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Marco Bartoli
Positive commentDec 9, 2022

A trustworthy companion for your notes and to-do lists. Can even serve as your personal knowledge base (read: wiki). Sadly lacking in modern features (like native use of markdown files). Development has slowed down a lot.

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