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Dynalist Features

  1.  Support for MarkDown
  2.  Support for LaTeX
  3.  Dark Mode
  4.  Hierarchical Structure
  5.  Sync with Google Calendar
  6.  Cloud Sync
  7.  Real time collaboration
  8.  Works Offline
  9.  Full-Text Search
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  •   Updated Oct 12, 2021
  •   3.93 avg rating
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Our users have written 18 comments and reviews about Dynalist, and it has gotten 154 likes

Dynalist was added to AlternativeTo by Erica Xu on Jun 9, 2015 and this page was last updated Sep 29, 2022. Dynalist is sometimes referred to as omniflow.

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Top positive commentJun 21, 2017

EDIT Many things have changed in the past month since using Dynalist, its actually Really Fast now almost on-par with workflowy, so any points I've made about it being slower than workflowy are kind of minute now

If I had to pick one software of the 400 or so I bookmarked here to be my favorite its this one

Its a great program for organizing information

How workflowy is better than it right now:

  • It is slower than workflowy loading by a few seconds, but its not that big of a deal once your doc is loaded up anyhow
  • It only has 2 forms of formatting so far, workflowy has 3
  • Workflowy pro lets you set a background theme, dynalist doesn't have that
  • Workflowy navigates through tag searches faster

How dynalist is better than it right now

  • It has a more active community and faster development cycle. See the public trello board development cycle
  • Its got way better community developer tampermonkey scripts . See here which is already 10-20 features alone not even mentioned
  • Its got an open active forum here

Other reasons why its better than workflowy

  • It has formatting color tags natively
  • It has native H1 H2 H3 tag formatting
  • If your into markdown format dynalist has a better feel to it
  • It has way more custom settings than workflowy. Ability to set different hotkeys, and more functions for navigating your document
  • It allows multiple documents, workflowy only lets you have one
  • It has a built in tag pane
  • Ability to automatically sync data to your dropbox or google drive everyday, AFAIK workflowy is just stored on its server and you download it manually
  • Can sync up your google calendar to make events right inside dynalist
  • Built in date formatter, so you can assign due dates / dates easier

[Edited by Kagerjay, November 09]

[Edited by Kagerjay, November 09]

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Top positive commentApr 4, 2018

it's really useful for organizing day to day things and keeping your ideas and "stuff" well organized

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Positive commentJan 3, 2024

Simple, efficient, versatile - just great! After trying out dozens of to-do and note-taking apps, this one serves me as an ultimate solution :)

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Positive commentJan 5, 2023

Easy, intuitive, powerful. That's enough for me, gets the job done.

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Positive commentJul 3, 2022

It’s fast, very fast.

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Positive commentMay 24, 2022
• Edited May 24, 2022

I use Dynalist for outlining and creating to-do lists. I like being able to "zoom in" to particular task, which helps me focus on a particular thing I'm working on.

4.5 stars.

The biggest thing I don't like about Dynalist desktop app is that you can't launch multiple windows at once. Switching between documents can be difficult and distracting. This app would be perfect if you could launch multiple instances (windows) of it, so switching between documents would be faster and easier. Notion is much better in this regard - you can have as many windows open as you want.

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Positive commentFeb 2, 2021

I like Dynalist because it so minimalistic, distraction-free and very powerful tool on the same time.

You can focus on what really matter (not to selecting from hundred templates for document and customizing it's view later, like in Notion) and build your own structure of notes (flat with tags, tree-based or mix of them). Thanks to tags and backlinks, it's possible to implement Zettelkasten in Dynalist.

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