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Apps with 'Progress tracking' feature

  1. Loop Habit Tracker (AKA uhabits) helps to create and maintain good habits in order to achieve their long term goals. Detailed graphs help you to better track the progress of your habits.

  2. Givme is a Q&A platform designed to enhance your skills, stand out and become an expert.

  3. Effective OKRs for real company results. Market leader and innovator since 2013. Weekdone software is built around OKR best practices, allowing you to easily connect employee work to company goals and track progress being made in real time.

  4. With our writing tools you can track your progress thus far, plan your novel, write your novel and be able to focus on what matters for you the most: FINISHING THE DAMN BOOK!.

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    Parley is a vocabulary trainer. It helps you to memorize your vocabulary, for example when you are trying to learn a foreign language. You can create your own collections or select from a great variety of available Vocabulary Collections.

  5. Perdoo brings the three ingredients for growth-strategy, goals, and people-together on an easy-to-use platform. It enables CEOs to communicate the strategy in real-time, so that managers and employees can align their efforts to drive the results that matter using KPIs & OKRs.

  6. Create challenges, track your progress, share with everyone and push your limits. Could be used as free to do list, productivity app and even as a shopping list!.

  7. Want to improve your health, lose some weight, get an elegant body shape or, vice versa, become a hefty bodybuilder? Challenge yourself and achieve that!.

  8. See engineering work patterns, identify specific areas for improvement, and offer concrete data to stakeholders on engineering progress.

  9. pv - Pipe Viewer - is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline.

  10. Writing is hard. Whether you're writing a novel, a short story or a blog you need to keep on task or it'll never get done. That's what WordKeeperAlpha is all about: setting goals and keeping them.

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    YuMuuv is a science-based physical activity promotion platform for companies and communities that are looking to raise health awareness. We mediate objective physical activity data in a simple, safe, and unifying way.

  11. A simple yet powerful web based tool for managing your projects. Organise your team's work into projects, milestones and tickets. Improve team communication and collaboration, working in harmony with email and Slack. Track progress and see results.

  12. SuperWise is a construction management software that helps contractors & developers manage time, cost and quality of construction projects in an integrated manner by way of real-time collaboration between stakeholders.

  13. Fully customizable enterprise task, project and workflow management software solutions natively integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint.