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Logseq Features

  1.  Support for MarkDown
  2.  Works Offline
  3.  Ad-free
  4.  Full-Text Search
  5.  Dark Mode
  6.  Privacy focused
  7.  No Tracking
  8.  PDF annotation
  9.  Subtasks
  10.  Calendar View
  11.  Syntax Highlighting
  12.  Pomodoro Timer
  13.  Support for Themes
  14.  File Tagging
  15.  Spell Checking
  16.  Cloud Sync
  17.  Task Time Tracking
  18.  Decentralized
  19.  Recurring Tasks
  20.  Hierarchical Structure
  21.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  22.  Web Clipper
  23.  Calendar Integration
  24.  Kanban Board
  25.  Import/Export OPML Feeds
  26.  Support for LaTeX
  27.  Goal Tracking
  28.  Goal Setting
  29.  No Coding Required
  30.  Live Preview
  31.  Sync with Google Calendar
  32.  Code Formatting
  33.  No registration required
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Top positive commentJan 2, 2021

It's like Dynalist or Workflowy but open source (GPL), and you can locally store your files (even to a SeaFile or Nextcloud instance).

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Top positive commentJan 29, 2022

It's in a league of its own for PKM. Well suited to the Zettlekasten method.

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Top negative commentJan 28, 2024

Works well only when you're using one computer. Becomes extremely buggy when used in a multi-device environment using Logseq Sync. No WYSIWYG editor. Develop very slowly with endless bugs to fix.

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Positive comment
Pending approval • Edited Mar 8, 2024

I've used Standard Notes, Obsidian, Joplin (my favourite up to now), and many others before these. The task creation and timers got me hooked and I started exploring. All the benefits of Obsidian, but it's open source! The simplicity of logseq is what made me just dive in last weekend. I started by setting up my first computer folder and syncthing to my phone. Then I opened the app on my phone. So far, so good. I started dumping info from my brain, other tools, lists, etc. Mostly it was just dropping in .MD files from Joplin. for the last week I've been just pasting and typing and tagging. as an obsessive organizer, it's been hard for me to let go and let the pages just make themselves by tagging all my notes, but that has been very freeing. UPDATE: I have it set up across 4 computers plus my phone and no issues yet with sync. I am enjoying just dumping my ideas, thoughts, tasks, and links I find, all in one place. Being able to search the journal entries for anything is useful and interesting. Search for logseq videos and follow the advice. Link and tag as you write. Powerful stuff. Nearly frictionless after setup.

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Pending approval • Edited Jan 28, 2024

File management isn't intuitive.

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Positive commentJan 3, 2024

Greatly recommend this PKM & note taking software! Logseq is the best one for me. I tried others but not work. Good pdf annotation, bidirectional link, Latex formulars, whiteboard, code syntax highlighting, Org-mode, etc. Only Logseq have them. Obisidian doesn't have a good pdf annotation, even its canvas (Logseq's whiteboard) is better. Others lacks of either pdf annotation, whiteboard or Org-mode.

Simply said, best PKM & note taking tool for programmers.

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Positive commentDec 19, 2023

So far, premium level open source software for PKM. Extendible with growing number of plugins

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