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Apps with 'Chat widget' feature

  1. Chaport is multi-channel customer messaging software for businesses of all sizes designed to help companies communicate with website visitors and convert them into loyal customers. It is easy to install, compatible with all websites, and doesn't affect website load time.

  2. is an independent chatbot building platform with an easy drag and drop interface driven by powerful NLP. Create and manage chatbots to automate customer service, marketing and CX across digital messaging channels like WhatsApp and Messenger.

  3. Smooch allows you to easily add a chat widget to your site that lets you communicate with customers on your site directly via Slack or HipChat.

  4. Collect chat is an interactive chat widget that collects data from website visitors by asking scripted questions - 24/7, fully on auto-pilot. chatbots on websites can replace static web forms and sales reps who ask same questions to each visitors.

  5. LibraryH3lp provides a flexible, affordable chat software for libraries and non-profits spanning web, mobile, and IM.

  6. is advanced, fully customizable social chat & comment system for any website where the audience engagement is key to long-term success and growth. You can add Chatwee Live Chat in two ways.

  7. Chatroll is the leading provider of interactive tools for social publishers. Using our simple copy-and-paste chat widget, publishers can instantly enable live social interaction within their online community and generate revenue.

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  8. Firechat is a simple, extensible chat widget powered by Firebase .

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  9. By adding a free live chat widget to your website, start providing direct support to your web visitors and increase sales by answering questions and resolving problems instantly.

  10. LabiDesk is all-in-one help desk software for Omni Channel Support: Shared Email Inbox, Ticketing System, HelpWidget, Knowledge Base, Live Chat. Assist, Engage and Sell to your customers!.

  11. The All-in-One: Knowledge Base Software with Customizable Help Center Site, Public Roadmap, Embeddable Help Widget, Boosted Announcements & Feedback Collection.

  12. With Universal, you can "meet" your visitors online and turn them into clients. It's a livechat service that allows you to monitor the activities from Telegram apps, and is the only system where users can switch to apps instead of using the web.

  13. Powerful no-code conversational AI platform. Mercury makes it easy to create outstanding customer experiences with next-generation AI chatbots and live-messaging. On your website, WhatsApp and Messenger.