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Professional use

Comment by EmasXP
about GIMP · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 12 Helpful Report as spam

I use GIMP professionally at my job. We use only open source software, so I had to learn GIMP instead of Photoshop. There was a pretty steep learning curve, but I will never touch Photoshop today. I still miss some things like layer effects though, but I think GIMP wins in the end. I know it is a bit different and frustrating to get a grip on. I believe that everyone should give GIMP a honest try before thowing it into the trash can.


it is rumored that GIMP will add new layer blend modes.

Adobe has repeatedly ignored requests to add this functionality to their SDK.

Gimp is Gimp, just like Photoshop is Photoshop

Comment by 5247009
about GIMP and Adobe Photoshop · May 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 10 Helpful Report as spam

In Gimp, the workflow is completely different, and shortcuts are as well. For instance, in most programs, you use Ctrl + D to deselect, but in Gimp you use Ctrl + Shift + A. It's like the Emacs of image editing: you must relearn all controls from square one, at the alleged benefit of greater long-term productivity from using a very robust and script-oriented program.

I have pity on those who simply cannot afford Photoshop. It is industry-standard software and arguably more conformant to user interface guidelines, whereas Gimp has often been caught in the line of fire among all of the projects that Gimp depends on (GTK, automake, GEGL, etc.). Gimp is no exception: like many large open-source projects, debates and holy wars are certainly abound ("floating panels, or everything in one window?").

That said, if you need a Photoshop-like workflow but cannot afford Photoshop, you really are out of luck and should try to find another way to use Photoshop for your needs. However, if you are open to using a new program and workflow (i.e. you've never had the opportunity of using Photoshop), then Gimp is very likely to fit your bill.


Comment by wojosc
about GIMP · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 6 Helpful Report as spam

GIMP is great because it is cross platform and you'll find loads of tutorials with which you can do pretty much anything to manipulate your pictures.


Comment by DaveSimonH
about GIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 6 Helpful Report as spam

Great piece of software for those of us not wanting to fork out for photoshop, and/or illegally obtain it and end up with system full of viruses & trojans.


Comment by peterstaack
about GIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 5 Helpful Report as spam

When I'm on the clock, I'm using Adobe Photoshop - still the king of the raster graphics editors, IMO. But, for my own personal usage, I've really taken a liking to GIMP. PS CS5 has actually been giving my computer a little grief, every so often, while every iteration of GIMP has always been rock solid. It's a little easier on the system resources, and man... I do like the price tag of $0.00.


I like it.Haters need to realize that it's NOT meant to be ...

Comment by UncleNinja
about GIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 4 Helpful Report as spam

I like it.

Haters need to realize that it's NOT meant to be an open source version of Photoshop, but an ALTERNATIVE to Photoshop. I use Ubuntu and the GUI fits in beautifully. It's also meant for Linux, not Mac or Windoze.

Anything I ever needed Photoshop for I can do in GIMP. I'm not a professional, I'm a user. Now I wish I wouldn't have spent all the money for CS4. :/


Comment by MiriamGreen
about GIMP · Aug 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as spam

Great one) I like that one) But it is not very easy to understand at the first time



Comment by cloundy89
about GIMP · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as spam

i think that for a free software is very good.


Comment by Mojosam
about GIMP · Feb 2020 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

GIMP is worthless for photographers. The only RGB color spaces it knows about are RGB and sRGB, which are too small for serious work. If you're a photographer, you have to work in Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB, or one of the other large colorspaces.


agree, IG filters work better :D but it's free at least

Comment by susanallison
about GIMP · Oct 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Because I can do anything on it that I could do with Photoshop but it is entirely free. Anything I don't know I can find on YouTube or on the Gimp site.



Comment by cami_lla
about GIMP · Sep 2018 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Great. Easy to use


Comment by RemovedUser
about GIMP · Aug 2018 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Excellent alternative to Photoshop


Comment by JacenBoy
about GIMP · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

It's fairly simple to understand and makes fairly good quality images for use in YouTube videos.


Comment by merovigiam
about GIMP · Jun 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Reliable and customizable so you can make your flow efficient.