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  • Criptext

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Website

    Finally, an email service that's built around your privacy. Get your email address and see what it's like to have peace of mind and privacy in every email you send.


    +End-to-end Encryption: Criptext uses the open source Signal Protocol library to encrypt your emails. Your emails are locked with a unique key that‘s generated and stored on your device alone, which means only you and your intended recipient can read the emails you send.

    +No data collection: unlike every other email service out there, Criptext doesn't store your emails in its servers. Instead, your entire inbox is stored exclusively on your device.

    +Open Source: our source code is open for everyone to see that Criptext actually works the way it's advertised. You don't have to trust us, you can verify for yourself:

    +Easy to use: our app is designed to work as simple as any other email app — so much so, you'll forget how secure it is.

    Get Criptext and see how easy it is to email with more security and privacy!


    Criptext icon
  • gHacks

    Free Personal Web Website

    Ghacks Technology News is a tech blog that reviews software, apps, Internet services, and offers tips and tricks about Windows, Android, and other systems.


    gHacks icon

    Free Web Website

    DADIM ( is an online music player with a sophisticated and highly configurable WebGL-based audio visualizer. Assemble playlists from SoundCloud links or local music files and enjoy audio-reactive visualizers spanning hundreds of presets. Tweak the presets however you want, save and share them with others.


    DADIM icon
  • Phiewer

    Freemium Mac Website

    Phiewer is the easiest and fastest way to view your images, videos and even audio files. It's folder based so you can just browse your media in one window without any extra clicking and selecting.

    Fast and Responsive User Interface
    It's incredibly fast and responsive, your media fits fluidly right into your viewport, of course also in fullscreen mode.

    Quick Controls
    A simple controls panel and lots of shortcuts for browsing, rotating, play/pause, toggle fullscreen, toggle info panel and much more is built right in. And hey, it's also possible to rotate videos.

    File Information / Exif Data Viewer
    For any of your media you can toggle the info panel to see detailed information and Exif data for example. Phiewer also displays most common RAW camera image formats.

    Multimedia Slideshow
    Just hit the Slideshow play button to view your media folders automated with nice transition effects and background music. You can set the interval speed of each slide, choose transition effects and select your music from really cool handpicked background tracks. There is also the possibility to select your own music from your hard drive.
    Setting the Slideshow to loop and you will have endless running Memories. You can even play videos and audio mixed within your Slideshow and the music gets automatically dimmed or muted for a nice Media Center like entertainment experience.

    Stunning Effects
    Backdrop ambience is a stunning viewing effect. It turns the whole interface background into a blurred ambience like you may have seen in lots of videos on the web.

    And it even plays animated gifs.

    *** Supported Formats ***
    .png, .jpg, .bmp, gif, .tiff, .3fr, .ari, .arw, .bay, .crw, .cr2 ,cap, .dcs, .dcr, .dng, .drf, .eip, .erf, .fff, .iiq, .k25, .kdc, .mef, .mos, .mrw, .nef, .nrw, .obm, .orf, .pef, .ptx, .pxn, .r3d, .raf, .raw, .rwl, .rw2, .rwz, .sr2, .srf, .srw, .x3f

    .mp4, .m4v, .m4u, .m4a, .mov, .mkv

    .opus, .weba, .webm, .ogg, .ogv, .ogm, .oga, .wav, .mp3, .flac


    Phiewer icon
  • Stuff

    Free Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Stuff is a platform for sending out private and public invitations. To better manage your distribution and RSVPs.
    Integrates smoothly with your preferred calendar tool.


    Stuff icon
  • MIDITrail

    Free Mac Windows iPhone iPad Website

    The MIDI player that visualizes notes in a 3D space you can navigate like a first person videogame.


    MIDITrail icon
  • Kiwi Browser

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    Kiwi Browser is made to read news, watch cricket videos, movie trailers, listen to music, without annoyances.
    Browse in peace.
    Kiwi is based on Chromium and WebKit, the engine that powers the most popular browser in the world so you won't loose your habits. We hope you'll love Kiwi as much as we do.

    Main Features:

    • Based on the very best Chromium 68
    • Incredible page load speed 🚀 Thanks to our very optimised rendering engine, we are able to display web pages super fast.
    • Powerful ad block that removes most of intrusive ads 🔥
    • Super strong pop-ups blocker that really works
    • Cryptojacking protectionThe first Android browser that blocks hackers from using your device to mine crypto-currency

    More goodness:

    • Block annoying notifications
    • Block trackers that invades your privacy.
    • Automatically accept "Our website is using Cookies & messages
    • Custom Downloads folderChoose where your downloaded files are stored
    • Play videos and music even with the screen off

    Kiwi Browser is very new, and still in test. Please help us by sending a little e-mail if you see crashes, bugs or just want to say Hi 😊


    Kiwi Browser icon
  • Rollback Rx

    Freemium Windows Website

    RollBack Rx client is a robust system restore utility that enables home users and IT professionals to easily restore a PC to a time before certain events occurred. RollBack Rx makes it easy for users of all skill levels to quickly and easily repair PC issues - saving time, money and PC trouble.

    This solution is especially useful in the case of a situation where you cannot get into Windows. Simply restart the computer into its sub-console and you will be able to access all previous data, settings and programs.

    Takes just seconds - in the time it takes to reboot your computer, you are fully operational again!


    Rollback Rx icon
  • Numi

    Free Mac Website

    Numi is a handy calculator app for Mac. It allows to describe tasks the natural way and instantly get an accurate answer. For example, $20 in euro - 5% discount or today + 2 weeks. Numi is not limited to simple calculations, it can solve expressions of any complexity, with parentheses, mathematical operations and high accuracy (up to 38 mantissa digits).

    Units. Numi supports currency, length, area, volume, time, temperature, css and data size conversion. It also allows to use dates in arithmetics.
    Variables & tokens. Numi allows to reuse calculations by using variables. By using special variables (tokens) like sum or average, it is possible to automatically calculate the sum or average value for all previous results
    Percentages. Numi allows to calculate not just a percent of a value, but different percentage situation, like 5% of what is 20 cm or 15% on $20
    Time zones. You can easily convert time between time zones and get current time in different locations like Seoul time or now in Germany.
    Numeral systems. It is possible to use numbers in binary, octal or hexadecimal form using appropriate prefix: 0b, 0o and 0x. You can change output as well.
    CSS. You can make some CSS computations and conversions.
    Math functions. Numi support variety of math functions, like sin, cos, exponent, root, log, factorial, rounding and many others.
    In order to extend Numi functionality you can use Numi plugin kit to develop and distribute your own plugins.


    Numi icon
  • Maplist

    Free Web Website

    The reddit of maps, Maplist lets you explore and connect through community-made maps.


    Maplist icon
  • Krita

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Krita is a complete creative sketching and painting application with advanced, commercial quality features. It's free, open-source and available across all major desktop platforms.

    User Interface - An intuitive user interface that stays out of your way. The dockers and panels can be moved and customized for your specific workflow. Once you have your setup, you can save it as your own workspace. You can also create your own shortcuts for commonly used tools.

    Pop-up Palette - Quickly pick your color and brush by right-clicking on the canvas.

    Brush Stabilizers - Have a shaky hand? Add a stabilizer to your brush to smoothen it out.

    Brush Engines - Customize your brushes with 9 unique brush engines.

    Wrap-around mode - It is easy to create seamless textures and patterns now. Press the ‘W’ key while painting to toggle wrap-around mode.

    Resource Manager - Import brush and texture packs from other artists to expand your tool set.

    Layer Management - Krita comes with vector, filter, group, and file layers. Combine, order, and flatten layers to keep organized. Add drop shadows and other simple effects using visual styles.

    Full Color Management - Krita supports full color management through LCMS for ICC and OpenColor IO for EXR, allowing you to incorporate Krita into your existing color management pipeline.


    Krita icon
  • N26

    Free Web Android iPhone Website

    N26 is The Mobile Bank, Europe’s first completely mobile bank, trusted by more than 2,500,000 customers in 24 markets. N26 gives you complete control of your financial life on your phone. Download the N26 app and open an account in minutes. Get a Mastercard, activate Apple Pay and enjoy personal banking features like sub-accounts for organizing your finances and MoneyBeam for instant cash transfers between contacts. Add any number of financial products like overdraft and personal credit. N26 is banking made simple, modern, and enjoyable.

    N26 features include (those features can vary by country):

    • Spaces—create sub-accounts for all your goals and keep them all together under one login. Spaces makes it easier to save and gives you control over your spending.

    • MoneyBeam––instant cash transfers using only a contact’s email address o r phone number

    • TransferWise—international money transfers into 19 different currencies

    • Apple Pay—make quick and easy payments using your Apple devices in stores, online, and in apps (available in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Finland)

    • Google Pay — the fast, simple way to pay with Google, your phone, and your N26 account. It’s entirely free (available in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Slovakia)

    • Real-time account activity push notifications

    • In-app card control to lock or reorder your card, enable payments abroad, enable online payments, and set withdrawal and payment limits

    • Automatic spending categorization

    • Up to 5 free ATM withdrawals per month from any ATM, based on a Fair Use policy


    N26 icon
  • Lossless Cut

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Lossless Cut lets you cut video (and audio too) in a simple interface without quality loss.


    Lossless Cut icon
  • Mochi

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Mochi is a cross-platform desktop tool that lets you take notes and make flashcards using markdown, then study them using spaced repetition.


    Mochi icon
  • Aurora HDR

    Commercial Mac Windows Website

    A powerful HDR photo editing suite for Mac, created by Macphun and Trey Ratcliff. Aurora HDR is the first all-in-one HDR photography solution, that brings over 60 editing tools, layers, custom textures, presets, native RAW support and more.


    Aurora HDR icon
  • Neocities

    Freemium Web Website

    Host your web page with retro style in the vein of classic 90s-era homepage hosts like GeoCities. Free, no-ads, blazing fast.


    Neocities icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Adobe Photoshop Website

    Remove Image Background FREE – 100% automatically – in 5 seconds – without a single click.

  • Raven Reader

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Offline ready desktop RSS Reader without any distractions.
    One thing Raven has right from the off is its look: it’s clean, with ample spacing, and isn’t crowded up by buttons and toolbars.
    Raven uses a three-pane layout:
    On the left is a sidebar listing RSS feed sources and a slate of filter options, including “All Feeds”, “Recently Read” and “Unread only”.
    In the middle is the “article list” showing article headline, site name, publish date and an easy-to-spot site favicon.
    On the right is the “content” area where a plain-text version of each article is presented.
    The size of the first two columns isn’t adjustable but the width of the reading space can be made wider or more compact depending on your needs.

    Adding feeds is easy: click the bold blue add button, tap in a site URL and Raven will auto-detect any available feeds. Helpfully, when adding feeds you have the option to change the site name/label too, handy if you only subscribe to specific sections of a website. Alas, you can’t rename feeds once added, or adjust their order once added.


    Raven Reader icon
  • Kitty terminal

    Free Mac Linux Website

    Kitty terminal is a fast and configurable, OpenGL accelerated tool with built-in terminal splitting and tiling.


    Kitty terminal icon
  • Shader Editor

    Free Android Android Tablet F-Droid Website

    Live-code on the go and use your creations as live wallpaper on Android with ad-free open-source Shader Editor.


    Shader Editor icon
  • SunVox

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Windows Mobile iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    SunVox is a small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker). It is a tool for those people who like to compose music wherever they are, whenever they wish. On any device. SunVox is available for desktop PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), pocket computers (Windows Mobile, PalmOS, Maemo, iOS, Android) and netbooks.


    SunVox icon
  • Cloudimage

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS iPad Shopify React cdnjs JavaScript AngularJS Software as a Service (SaaS) Wordpress Website

    Cloudimage is the easiest way to resize, store, compress, optimize, and deliver your images to your customers through rocket fast CDNs. Faster images increase conversion and sales.


    Cloudimage icon
  • Rank Math

    Free Self-Hosted Wordpress Website

    Rank Math is designed to be an all in one SEO plugin that takes care of everything WordPress SEO-related.


    Rank Math icon

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