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Apps with 'GitHub integration' feature

  1. Prose provides a beatifully simple content authoring environment for CMS-free websites. It's a web-based interface for managing content on GitHub. Use it to create, edit, and delete files, and save your changes directly to GitHub.
  2. Get more done – with Grape (also called ChatGrape). Grape is an European Business-Messenger with an On-Premise and Cloud solution. It is GDPR compliant and prioritizes data security and safety.

  3. Founded in 2013, Silvrback sought to provide users with a potent, minimalist writing experience that was easy to use, well-supported, and distraction-free – all at a modest price. That remains our aim today.
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  4. FogBugz manages projects, tracks bugs, and even tells you when you’re going to ship. It includes an issue tracker, advanced project management and scheduling, a wiki, and customer support features like email routing and discussion groups.
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  5. Grow is a cloud BI platform that allows ecommerce and SaaS businesses to confidently navigate their data and find actionable insights.
  6. is an independent chatbot building platform with an easy drag and drop interface driven by powerful NLP. Create and manage chatbots to automate customer service, marketing and CX across digital messaging channels like WhatsApp and Messenger.
  7. Half form builder, half database and fully customizable. Join the makers using Dislack to create, collect and connect with users, customers and so much more.
  8. Organize and prioritize your notifications coming from Jira, Slack, GitHub and many others services you use, all in one place. You'll be notified only when your attention is required; you'll then be able to act remotely straight from Gwapit.
  9. Get a live preview environment for every new feature – fully automated. Share previews with co-workers, managers, or customers. WunderPreview simplifies feedback loops so you can deliver better software faster.
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    Analytics for Git - measures and visualizes coding hours, productivity, efficiency of projects, teams, repositories and developers.
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    • Online
    • Android
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    • Self-Hosted
    • Appcelerator
    • Firebase
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Urban Airship
    • AWS Mobile Hub
    • Parse Server
    • Heroku
    • Parse
    • deployd
    • NodeChef
    • Backendless
    SashiDo is the Parse Alternative for busy people. In nature is Affordable managed Parse Server hosting with care! Migration in a click. Auto Scaling. Simple and flexible pricing. No vendor lock-in!.
  10. Sprintly makes it easy for startups and agencies to collaborate on software projects. Sprintly is designed to be intuitive to use without training or configuration so teams can be up and running in seconds.
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