Understand exactly how you spend your time and attention, with no data entry.

Get Smarter with Effortless Time Tracking
With no data entry, know exactly what software and sites you’re actively using.

Beat Interruption Overload
Clobber procrastination with Goals & Alerts and watch your efficiency grow.

Compare Your Productivity
See your time management efficiency compared to the average RescueTime user.


Free with limited functionality

Supported Platforms 2 notes on RescueTime's platform support

Mac Windows Linux Online Android

Platform comments

  • Linux “Linux version available, but community developed and maintained, not Rescue Time supported”
  • Online “Free in-browser application. OS integration requires payment.”

Links to official RescueTime sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Automated usage tracking Automatic time tracking Employee Time Tracking System Employee Monitoring IFTTT integration Life Logging & Quantified Self Add a feature


Business & Commerce Office & Productivity Sport & Health


anti-procrastination automated-usage-tracking automatic-time-tracking avoid-procrastination block-website block-websites efficiency employee-time-tracking employee-time-tracking-system employee-timetracking employee-tracking ifttt-integration life-log life-logging life-logs lifelogging-quantified-self monitoring-software online-employee-time-tracking online-time-tracker online-time-trackers online-time-tracking online-time-tracking-software procrastinating procrastination quantification quantified-self site-block spend-time time-management time-management-app time-management-apps time-manager time-managers time-track time-tracker-app time-tracker-apps time-trackers time-tracking time-tracking-method time-tracking-methods time-tracking-recording time-tracking-software time-tracking-tool time-tracking-tools timetrackers timetracking-tool timetracking-tools work-time-logger work-time-loggers work-time-management work-time-report work-time-reporter work-time-reporters work-time-reports work-time-tracker work-time-trackers worktime-management


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I like idea to track where do I spend my life

See why people like RescueTime 😍

RescueTime can only be used in an "online mode", where all your usage data is eventually transmitted to their servers for analysis and reporting. At least I didn't find any indication that...

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