Remote Work & Education

In these modern times, remote communication has proven highly effective for conducting business and for remote learning. Employees and students can be practically anywhere and still get work done. Whether video conferencing one-on-one, remotely walking users through software procedures or conducting a bustling, online meeting complete with a collaborative white board and interactive presentations, modern apps have us covered.

  1. Attach is a sales enablement platform that helps you sell smarter by understanding how your customers interact with your sales material.
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  2. Rojadirecta is a constantly updated streaming index for sports videos around the world. Easily access video streams from a variety of sources worldwide or check out the forums for discussions about media, software and more.

    Use with caution

    Flagged as potentially breaking copyright or other laws

  3. The workforce management platform for single & multi-unit businesses. We help lower labor costs and improve efficiency through scheduling, iPad attendance, employee mobile apps, shift reporting, sales tracking & more. Take A Free 15 Day Trial Today.
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  4. See how your visitors interact with your website to identify/fix user experience issues and increase conversion rates. Fast and simple visitor recording setup available in both self hosted on-premise solution and a cloud hosted solution.
    • FreemiumProprietary
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry
    • Chrome OS
    • Android Tablet
    • iPad
    • Google Chrome
    AccessToGo is the fastest mobile RDP remote desktop client for Microsoft operating systems. Its unique patent protected technology provides unparalleled usability and productivity by automatically resizing all Windows objects to optimal size.
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  5. Advanced CleverControl system is a non-complicated but very efficient software that lets you know what your employees do at all times.
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    • Free PersonalProprietary
    • Windows
    Comodo Unite allows users to easily create a secure and encrypted virtual private network (VPNs) between groups of computers.


    Comodo Unite no longer available from Comodo site

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  6. 10x faster UI testing without a line of code. Screenster is a web-based platform that records a visual baseline of the application screens and then automatically detects changes.
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  7. Spreed is the worldwide unified web conferencing service offering integrated web and telephone conferencing. It is based on Flash Player. Free service includes 3 attendees and max 1.5h meetings. Single events or monthly service can be purchased.
  8. The platform provides high quality video with strong error resilience so you can build WebRTC, mobile, and native multiparty video chat apps. No matter what platform you’re building for, provides a consistent, simple API on mobile, desktop, and browsers.
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  9. SlideCorner is a place especially for sharing slides. It is mainly focussed on providing premium content slides for students and professionals. Looking back, two young minds started out this project as a hobby an year ago. It was previously named 'SlideYourPPT.


    Site is no longer working and the domain name is listed for sale. Slidecorner is discontinued.

  10. Your powerful computer in the cloud. Play your favorite games on your old computer without lags and freezes. Cloud Gaming. Play and enjoy latest PC games on any device.
  11. The Sankoré software is an interactive white board software. Certainly one of the most exciting projects related to open education. It offers the opportunity to teach differently while using current teaching tools.


    The project is no longer developed. Last version, 2.5.1, released in May 2013, can be still downloaded from the official website. OpenBoard is a fork of this project

    • Windows
    • Microsoft Office Powerpoint
    A robust authoring tool for creating vivid, engaging presentations right in PowerPoint. Enhance your projects with talking head video narrations and quizzes, then publish the course to your website, YouTube, or a learning management system.
  12. SpeakServe is a secure, reliable conference call service, focusing on call quality and ease of use. Offering legendary customer service and simple, low-cost pricing.
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