Easemon is an all-in-one employee monitoring solution for Windows and macOS that monitors keyboard entries, Internet usage, application usage, desktop activities by screenshots, IM conversations, emails sent and more. Employers will get notifications or alerts on inappropriate computer activities. The logged data can be remotely managed in a cloud server.

Easemon monitors all key presses on the keyboard of Windows/macOS, showing users when/where the keystrokes are typed, in which application the keystrokes are typed, composed emails and chat logs typed with keystroke logging, both sides of the IM chat conversations in Skype, AIM, Adium, and iMessage, etc.

The employee monitoring software for Windows and macOS can track all websites visited. Even though the web history is deleted or the websites are visited in Private browsing mode or Incognito mode, Easemon will record ALL visited websites in detail. And it also tracks the application usages on Mac like what applications are used and how long each application has been used.

Easemon users will get alerts automatically with desktop screenshots captured when a certain keyword preset in advance is performed. Also, users can configure Easemon to receive the notification emails periodically to check which specific alert word is triggered.

The staff monitoring software will upload all recorded data to a cloud server so that users can manage them remotely. Employers can remotely check logs online anytime and anywhere and export the logs as a backup from the server. It supports remote control, so the Easemon client installed on employees' Mac can be controlled remotely, including remotely updating and uninstalling the client without physical access to the the computers! It allows administrators to monitor employees' activities on Mac during working time invisibly.

Apart from employee monitoring, Easemon for Windows and macOS are also used as a parental monitoring solution in families or education institutions.



Pricing Information

Subscription that costs between $17 and $30. Price may vary depending on commitment and so on.

Supported Platforms 2 notes on Easemon's platform support

Mac Windows

Platform comments

  • Mac “MacOS 10.7+”
  • Windows “Windows 7/10”

Links to official Easemon sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


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