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    • Ki
      Kibranoz Upvoted a comment on Mastodon
      Definitely better than the mainstream services. Decentralized and peer-hosted is a plus, but I wish there was a way to define post language filtering. While I do speak several languages, I don't speak French, and there are QUITE a few posts in French that I have to continuously scroll past to find content in a language that I do speak.
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      about 9 hours ago
    • Kibranoz thinks Pleroma is an alternative to Mastodon
      about 9 hours ago
    • Ki
      Kibranoz Downvoted a comment on Mastodon
      **Mastodon has became the very thing it was created to put an end to. ** The entire purpose of a decentralized social network is so that no singular person or group can control speech or the flow of information. Mastodon instances are required to abide by fediblock, a list of instances deemed 'unsuitable' by an LGBT group, or else be added to that list. **This makes Mastodon a decentralized social network with centralized rules. ** There are much better alternative platforms without such nonsense in implementation, many better open source projects that aren't full of technical issues and are easier to self-host.
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      about 10 hours ago