Kickidler is the employee and user activity monitoring software of the new generation.

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    • mi
      minakshim12345 reviewed Kickidler
      For the company whose employees work remotely the kickidler software is an excellent tool. It helps you to see unauthorized data access, you can stop the unauthorized data consumption. It helps you to detect the work of every employee in the company. If any employee is not working in the office and spending their time doing unnecessary things. You can see the records of their activities and dismiss them from the job. Using kickidler software is the best decision we made. We highly recommend kickidler software to the companies that want to increase the productivity of their employees in the offices.
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      about 2 months ago
    • semurex123semurex123 reviewed Kickidler
      Kickidler software provides multiple tools to monitor the screens and produce reports. This software is very helpful from a security and transparency viewpoint. With the use of kickidler, you can easily make reports and share them with other employees instantly. The installation of kickidler software takes a few minutes only.
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      about 2 months ago
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      about 2 months ago