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Apps with 'Collaborative Playlists' feature

  1. Spotify is a freemium music streaming service providing digital rights management-restricted content from record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal.

  2. AIMP is powerful free audio player for Windows OS that supports for local files, NAS, clouds, and podcasts. Additionally, it includes powerful tools to operate with audio files.

  3. Crowd-driven music discovery! The easiest way to enjoy & discover great music.

  4. Is a streaming platform, here you can create your own room and collaborative playlist with online users, the participants choose by voting the following songs in queue.

    Discontinued is down.

  5. Collaborate on a live music and video playlist with your friends. It's perfect for parties with integrated chromecasting, or when you want quick access to your favourite playlist.


    The website features a message that it has been discontinued

  6. Vidflow enables content consumers to watch video playlists based on topics they're interested in by taking out distractions from the viewing experience.

  7. Service that automatically generates a playlist for a group of people according to their music tastes. is available for Spotify and Deezer users.

  8. Great DJ is the easiest way to create and share music playlists, with songs from YouTube and Soundcloud.

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  9. Musare is an open-source music website where you can listen to real-time genre specific music stations, or join community stations created by users.

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    mubo is a social jukebox app that let’s you control the music together with your friends. But mubo is not a simple jukebox app where you can just up and down vote songs.

  10. A new app that reinvents mixtapes for the iPhone era. Make stunning mixtapes, collaborate with friends, and enjoy music together in an all-new way.