Turn your PC into an interactive karaoke machine with the KaraFun free karaoke software for Windows. More than just a karaoke player, KaraFun offers a complete solution for playing and creating karaoke at home.

Fun and exciting, it plays nearly every karaoke file: KFN, KAR, CDG, KOK, LRC, AVI, MPEG... The user-friendly KaraFun editor enables you to create, quickly and easily, your own karaoke songs from Audio and MIDI music files: MP3, OGG, KAR, MID...

Based on a powerful and revolutionary 3D animation engine for animated lyrics and background, your karaoke party in full screen has every chance of being a success!



Pricing Information

Subscription that costs between $6 and $10. Price may vary depending on commitment and so on.

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

Links to official KaraFun sites

Official Website    Facebook


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Audio & Music


kar karaoke karaoke-player midi


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Karafun is have a good sound, and pitch control.and have a lyrics. The sound is have a quality thats it ...

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