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      I would refer to Bodik's review for everything that is great about Bandcamp, both for artists and listeners. This is the way forward, and the way music distribution should be done. Moving away from the climate of threats, fear, distrust, bullying and downright scamming that the major labels and distributors have cultivated for decades, especially in light of their failure to adapt to a digital marketplace. Instead: mutual respect, trust and support, with a healthy and rational attitude. As I would sum it up: get people to want to buy your stuff, by offering them something in return; in contrast to the major label method of offering various excuses on why they offer less and less for the money, while spending their time and resources on going after people who _don't_ give them any money, and wouldn't, no matter what they do. Bonkers. Anyway, so much for the rant. But I wanted to post this comment to make potential buyers aware of one important thing to keep in mind when shopping at Bandcamp: for physical rewards, you're dealing with the artists or labels directly. While Bandcamp handles everything on the digital front (streaming, downloads, etc.) in a unified way, they act only as a storefront for the rest. This means that you need to trust whomever you're buying from. Personally, I have ordered physical records three times on Bandcamp so far. One of them arrived fine, the other two never did. Of course, that's also partly my fault for not following up on these orders earlier and more aggressively. But, since I was dealing with independent artists and small labels, I was very willing to be patient and give them the benefit of the doubt, for a long time. They're tiny operations, maybe they're on tour and won't get to it for a while, and so on. This mindset of patience almost directly transitioned into asking myself what would be the point of complaining now, it's been half a year, it's too late anyway. In both cases, I still tried, and wanted to ask nicely about what might have happened to my order. I never got a reply to any of my messages sent through the Bandcamp contact form. No reply either when e-mailing artists or labels directly, in one case their e-mail didn't even work anymore. So the additional money I spent for record + shipping is lost. Luckily, since Bandcamp handles the digital part, I got the downloads and streaming access, so at least it's not a complete loss. This isn't really Bandcamp's fault, since they're only handling payment of these orders, not the shipping. Still, considering I had a failure rate of 66% so far, I would consider buying physical goods on Bandcamp to be very risky, and I personally don't intend to try it again anytime soon. Just be aware of this risk and, if you really want the physical copy, check if you can't order it somewhere else. Such as an independently run online record store, which house their own stock, and have a well set-up workflow for handling orders. There's a lot of excellent advantages to cutting out the middle man, but keep in mind that there are also disadvantages.
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