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      7 days ago
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      The best, freshest, and underground music borns in the SoundCloud ecosystem. It's just easy uploading tracks and communicating in there, thus it got ecosystems with the great modern music going on: Wave/Hardwave (e.g. Skeler), Witch house, Phonk, melodic ArtCore/BreakCore with anime/games references (e.g. Yandere), lo-fi hip hop, Vaporwave, and the list goes on also with old genres. When you start following the right artists, SoundCloud's algorithm is great for discovering new music within its features: Weekly (weekly playlist with the best music according to your tastes), The Upload (daily fresh music playlist according to your liking), Station and More of What you Like (choose a song to listen to and get music like that next). All users can follow and be followed each other, like and repost songs, comment on songs, create playlists, message each other (at least from the Web desktop), so it got a healthy sense of community with musicians and collectives publicly supporting each other and doing collabs. This is good for music dissemination, and that's the feature artists keep in there because monetary-wise it isn't that viable. For listeners it's a great platform overall, and the best for finding the greatest music not in the mainstream and often not in other streaming apps because on SoundCloud it's somewhat more easy to avoid copyright strikes from sampling.
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      11 days ago
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      Soundcloud audio is crap this is worst is has ever been it is like 80k or 96k MP3 a lot of the tracks sound really muffled time to switch to another music sharing service. I created a forum for sharing highest quality OGG tracks.
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      14 days ago