• Lightning icon


    Lightning brings the Sunbird calendar to the popular email client, Mozilla Thunderbird and the SeaMonkey internet application suite.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Thunderbird SeaMonkey

  • Enigmail icon


    Enigmail is a security extension to Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. It enables you to write and receive email messages signed and/or encrypted with the OpenPGP standard.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Thunderbird SeaMonkey

  • Web Developer icon

    Web Developer

    The Web Developer extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Flock SeaMonkey Firefox

    • Discontinued The Web Developer extension is no longer developed/supported by the author since 2014 and gives javascript errors on the console each time a user opens a page or switches tabs.
  • Mozilla Archive Format icon

    Mozilla Archive Format

    Save complete web pages in a single file, using one of the following formats: MAFF (Mozilla Archive Format File) or MHTML (Internet Explorers MHT).

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux SeaMonkey Firefox

  • SQLite Manager icon

    SQLite Manager

    Manage all your SQLite databases using this lightweight extension for Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Songbird, Komodo etc.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Komodo IDE Thunderbird Songbird SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Chatzilla icon


    ChatZilla is a clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client, built on the Mozilla platform, which provides all the usual features: multiple servers, a built-in list of standard networks, easy searching and...

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux SeaMonkey Firefox

  • NewsFox icon


    NewsFox is an efficient 3-pane(email) style Atom/RSS feed reader.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux K-Meleon SeaMonkey Firefox

  • FireTray icon


    FireTray is a Linux Mozilla addon that targets Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. It provides a system tray icon with much window handling functionality.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux Thunderbird SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Restartless Restart icon

    Restartless Restart

    This 15KB restartless add-on will add a "File" -> "Restart" menu item and a ctrl/cmd + alt + r hotkey to restart Firefox or Seamonkey.

    Free Mac Windows Linux SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Secure Login icon

    Secure Login

    Secure Login is a login extension for Mozilla Firefox integrated password manager. Its main feature is similar to Opera - Wand login. Features: * Easy installation through Mozilla Firefox add-ons system.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Sunbird Thunderbird SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Menu Wizard icon

    Menu Wizard

    Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items New feature: Now you can change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon Thunderbird SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Shoptimate icon


    Shoptimate.com lets you compares prices of multiple items at once and shows you which item to buy where to save the most. Including shipping costs.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Internet Explorer Chrome Safari Opera SeaMonkey ... Firefox

  • PhotoME icon


    PhotoME is a powerful tool to show and edit the meta data of image files.

    Free Windows Internet Explorer Thunderbird Opera Flock SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Torrent Tornado icon

    Torrent Tornado

    A Torrent Client for Firefox and SeaMonkey, runs everywhere, created in pure JavaScript without binary software!.

    Free Mac Windows Linux SeaMonkey Firefox

  • keyconfig icon


    keyconfig allows you to change keyboard shortcuts. [Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and any other XULRunner Application]

    Free Mac Windows Linux Thunderbird SeaMonkey Firefox

  • WebPG icon


    WebPG is a free, open source suite of tools to bring GnuPG/PGP (gpg, gnupg) to the browser, in an effort to make cryptographic methods usable, safe and accessible to the common man.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Thunderbird SeaMonkey Chromium Firefox

  • rikaichan

    Rikaichan is a popup Japanese-English/German/French/Russian dictionary tool for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

    Free Windows Thunderbird SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Folderpane Tools icon

    Folderpane Tools

    Folderpane Tools allows for customization of the folder pane. Accounts can be rearranged and the startup folder can be chosen.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Thunderbird SeaMonkey

    • Discontinued The extension is no longer working and updated.
  • WikiLook icon


    WikiLook is a Wikipedia & Wiktionary look up. Fast, light, open source tool that define words for you without need to open new tabs or windows.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Flock SeaMonkey Firefox