• Office

  • LibreOffice

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD PortableApps.com Website

    My favorite word processor. FOSS. The Android app is not very good, however.


    LibreOffice icon
  • Airborn

    Freemium Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Create and edit documents online without sacrificing your privacy.


    Airborn icon

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloudron Website

    ONLYOFFICE is an opensource office and productivity suite that enables you to manage documents, projects, team and customer relations in one place.


  • Note taking and to-do's

  • Joplin

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Chrome Termux Firefox Website

    An open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities.


    Joplin icon
  • Turtl

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet ... Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox Website

    Whether it's bookmarks or passwords, files or shopping lists...Turtl organizes it all and makes it easy to find later. Sync across your devices. Leave nothing behind.

    Turtl uses high-end cryptography to protect your data. Whether you're worried about information leaks, competitive advantage, or blanket government surveillance, Turtl works hard to make sure only you, and those you choose, can see your data.

    Just because Turtl is secure and private doesn't mean you can't share with your teammates or family. Choose who you want to have access to your data without compromising your security.


    Turtl icon
  • Markdown

  • Typora

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Both minimalistic and feature packed.


    Typora icon
  • Mark Text

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Mark Text is a Markdown editor for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is a concise text editor, dedicated to improving your editing efficiency.


    Mark Text icon
  • Zettlr

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Zettlr is a supercharged markdown editor that combines many writing editor features and collect them in one application. It aims at speeding up your workflow and help you write without any interruptions. Therefore it integrates all features that one might need during a writing process.


    • Full File and Folder Management
    • Zotero Citeproc Engine Support
    • Full Zettelkasten support (file IDs, tag support, and internal links)
    • Powerful Search Algorithm with a Heatmap
    • Quickly preview files without closing your current file using Quicklook
    • Custom LaTeX template support
    • Use Projects to split up expansive work in multiple files
    • Keep an overview over the amount you write using the word counter
    • Access the most important commands using the comfortable toolbar
    • Export and import your files to and from all possible formats
    • … and many more!


    Zettlr icon
  • ghostwriter

    Free Windows Linux Website

    No excuses. No distractions. Just write. ghostwriter is a feature-rich text editor using Markdown syntax which makes it suitable for note-taking, document redaction, simple HTML website creation and much more.


    ghostwriter icon
  • For novelists

  • Quoll Writer

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    One-man software, filled with unique features and creative ideas.


    Quoll Writer icon
  • bibisco

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Node.JS Website

    Helpful for novel writing, allows for character descriptions and helpful sorting.


    bibisco icon
  • yWriter

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Wine Mono Website

    Perfect for breaking down your novels and organizing plot ideas.


    yWriter icon
  • Scrivener

    Commercial Mac Windows iPhone iPad PlayOnLinux (PlayOnMac) ... Wine Website

    Aimed at novel authors, Scrivener is know for being resourceful and reliable.


    Scrivener icon
  • Manuskript

    Free Mac Windows Linux FLATHUB Website

    Feature-packed and distraction-free outliner and novel assistant.


    Manuskript icon
  • For programmers

  • Boostnote

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Website

    An intuitive and stylish markdown note app for developers. It's fully open-source.


    Boostnote icon
  • Atom

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS BSD ... Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Extensible, cross-platform text editor with a rich ecosystem of plugins and themes.


    Atom icon
  • Blogging

  • For collaboration

  • CryptPad

    Freemium Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    With CryptPad, you can make quick collaborative documents for taking notes and writing down ideas together.


    CryptPad icon
  • Notion

    Free Personal Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Docs with real-time collaboration and simple formatting.


    Notion icon
  • Mobile

  • JotterPad

    Freemium Android Chrome OS Android Tablet Website

    Best writing app on Android, hands down. Totally worth the full-version purchase.


    JotterPad icon
  • Proofing

  • LanguageTool

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... Microsoft Edge Chrome Microsoft Office Outlook SDL TRADOS Safari Visual Studio Code Microsoft Office Word Eclipse TinyMCE TeXstudio Google Drive - Docs Thunderbird Vim OmegaT Sublime Text GNU Emacs Opera Fidus Writer LyX LibreOffice <oXygen/> XML Editor Apache OpenOffice Firefox Website

    Free proofreading tool, perfect partner in crime for LibreOffice!


    LanguageTool icon
  • Hemingway Editor

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Website

    Highlights common mistakes and aims at making your writing bold and clear.


    Hemingway Editor icon
  • Export/share your work

  • Reedsy

    Free Web Website

    Gets professionals together and helps authors publish their books.


    Reedsy icon
  • Others

  • Nimble Writer

    Commercial Windows Steam Website

    Interesting acquisition on Steam, and those achievements are a fine productivity boost!


    Nimble Writer icon
  • Trelby

    Free Windows Linux Website

    Trelby is simple, fast and elegantly laid out to make screenwriting simple. It is infinitely configurable.

    • Screenplay editor: Enforces correct script format and pagination, auto-completion, and spell checking.
    • Multiplatform : Behaves identically on all platforms, generating the exact same output.
    • Choice of view: Multiple views, including draft view, WYSIWYG mode, and fullscreen to suit your writing style.
    • Name database: Character name database containing over 200,000 names from various countries.
    • Reporting: Scene/location/character/dialogue reports.
    • Compare: Ability to compare scripts, so you know what changed between versions.
    • Import: Formatted text, Final Draft XML (.fdx).
    • Export: PDF, formatted text, HTML, RTF, Final Draft XML (.fdx).
    • PDF: Built-in, highly configurable PDF generator. Supports embedding your chosen font.
    • Free software: Licensed under the GPL, Trelby welcomes developers and screenwriters to contribute in making it more useful.


    Trelby icon
  • KIT Scenarist

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    KIT Scenarist is a free and open source application for creating screenplays on desktops and commercial on mobiles.

    KIT Scenarist is a fully-featured studio for creating movie screenplays. It combines:
    • project organizer that will allow storing all research documents on the project in one place [except for simple text documents, it can be pictures, links to Internet resources and even mind maps];
    • the corkboard provides opportunities for placing, arranging, grouping and visualizing scenes of the future screenplay in the form of index cards on the corkboard;
    • a specialized script editor will allow users to forget about formatting the script and direct all the creative energy to create incredible stories;
    • the module of reports and statistics will help to look at history from a different angle, as well as prepare all the necessary reports for production;
    • a flexible application settings system will allow a user to create a comfortable environment for creativity.

    Quick video overview of KIT Scenarist version 0.7.0 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg-BLExGWzE

    The application has fast and caring customer support: if you find a bug, have a great idea how to make the app better, want to add a translation or spellchecking dictionary for specific language - welcome! Just write us to Facebook or directly via the feedback form on the site.

    The application has the additional feature - real-time collaboration. It available by subscription.

    In near future we want to implement:
    • saving all project's series in one file (project's bible under your hands for every series + production reports will include all of them);
    • mobile versions for Android and iOS devices.

    Supported languages: English, German, French, Kazakh, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.


    KIT Scenarist icon
  • Gingko

    Freemium Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    To organize your ideas. *


    Gingko icon
  • FocusWriter

    Free Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    Immersive and clean word processor, to simply get stuff done.


    FocusWriter icon

Comments on Writing

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Some comments / suggestions


Closed source and Chinese. You have to ask why they're offering their product for "free". That makes me suspicious enough not to want to install their software on my PC. Plenty of other Freemium software from China has proved insecure / privacy-invading (e.g. Maxthon). Libre Office is preferable in all regards and Only Office covers more ground for Microsoft compatibility.


No Android app (what are they smoking?) and the pricing is very high if you're just one person.

Typora vs Mark Text:

Typora is nice, but will be free only during beta. For a similar open source app, see Mark Text. Another one to check out is Ghostwriter.

If you rely on a service to store your data, you should know that they can read your stuff if they don't use "zero-knowledge" or "end-to-end" encryption. Without this, they can also be forced to give your data up to government surverillance programs and your information is readable to any hackers that manage to breach the servers on which your stuff is stored. Here are some suggestions for writing apps that offer encryption and therefore cannot read or give away your data.

Collaboration + Encryption?

See Cryptpad. Open source, of course.

Encrypted html-based text editor

Try Airborn. It looks like Word, but it saves your stuff in .html format. Open source, as always.

[Edited by JohnFastman, April 30]

[Edited by JohnFastman, April 30]


John, thanks for your comment. Sorry it took me so long to update my list, but it now reflects your suggestions.

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Fantastic! A delightful and productive list to stumble on. Thank you so very much..


Hey, no problem! Glad it was useful to you. (:

I should actually add a few more entries to it...

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