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Apps with 'Direct P2P Sync' feature

  1. GoodSync is a high-end professional easy and reliable file backup and file synchronization software.
  2. Best downloads website on the interwebs!.

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  3. This is a fork of the Syncthing-Android wrapper for Syncthing that brings major enhancements like:
  4. ToffeeShare is a direct and secure way of sending files via your browser. Your files are never stored in 'The Cloud' but are transferred directly to the receiver. There's no filesize limit, you're only limited to what your device can handle.
  5. Git Center is a decentralized hosting platform for Git repositories. We provide several collaboration features such as bug tracking for every project, and private and public repositories for free. Join us by creating a new repository.
  6. GitDuck is an open source collaboration tool for developers. It allows developers to record their screen and link their code to the video timestamps and create interactive coding videos.
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  7. BuddyBackup lets you back up your files to your friends, family and colleagues' computers for free.
    • FreeOpen Source
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Online
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Android Tablet
    • Self-Hosted
    • ZeroNet
    Modern and funny decentralized and distributed (P2P) social network for ZeroNet, based on ZeroMe.
  8. Lantern allows you to give or get access to the internet through other users around the world connected by a trust-based peer-to-peer network.
  9. GeneralSync provides shared calendars and address books that can be accessed from Thunderbird, Outlook and most Android apps – without storing anything in the cloud or on servers.
  10. Binfer is a direct device-to-device data transfer platform that includes file sharing, sync, web drop, communication and private cloud products. User data is never stored on any third-party servers.
    • FreeOpen Source
    • Online
    Yjs is a CRDT implementation that exposes its internal data structure as shared types. Shared types are common data types like Map or Array with superpowers: changes are automatically distributed to other peers and merged without merge conflicts.
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  11. Open Source Web3 Payment protocol. Simplifies and improves Crypto payments with the power of DeFi. Accept any token with on-the-fly conversion. DePay is built on top of decentralized finance, using state-of-the-art Web3 technologies.