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Metapad, Notepad on steroids

Comment by bawldiggle
about metapad · Feb 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I use Metapad360 for archiving info, easily found with a good contents find program (4,800 TXT files at last count)

  • metapad as default TXT reader (but best to retain Notepad for some system files)

Option to be on top.
Save as VBS (option)
10 quick text available (Buffers and Language in Settings) ... Alt+number (0 -9)
Insert string of choice at beginning of selections with Alt+Q ... I use it while writing/testing VBscript
Portable (optional)
Change window font (and window backcolor) with click of menubar button

  • I use fixed width font Consolas) for second choice to decipher problem strings
  • characters: big-eye, small-el, one, pipe ... and big-oh, small-oh, zero, ... number 5, big-ess, small ess
    Favorites list (optional)
    Recent Files (optional) configurable max. 16
  • clear recent files (feature)
    Toggle file read-only (Ctrl+E) (optional)
    Active hyperlinks
    Fixed window position (optional)
    Insert date or date/time (configurable)
    Clear Find History (feature)
    SaveAs File Types REG file by developer, can be edited to personal requirements

Best basic text editor since sliced bread :)

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Comment by 10basetom
about metapad · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Aside from the browser, this must've been the exe that I launched most often the past decade. I spent countless nights burning the midnight oil with this editor.