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Comment by pataners
about Guacamole · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

clientless, HTML5 based, blazingly fast and open source!



Comment by MysticRyuujin
about Guacamole · Oct 2014 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Unfortunately I don't think any of these are alternatives to Guacamole. The whole point of Guacamole is client-less HTML5 based remote access. I think all of these alternatives require the download, and installation/execution of software as well as firewall configuration allowing outbound connections over their ports.


Yes I think so. I do agree, I am still trying to find something but that works out of the box.

guacamole pretty much does run out of the box without much config (if any). I personally use mattgruters guacamole-docker-containers and it works flawlessly - up and running in <5min. Just be sure to get all 3 containers and then follow the instructions.

Moritzafl still in incubating phase a an Apache project so besides not being in a production, which I will expect to be able to deploy in most distros and have some kind of good web gui to admin and setup i will expect more documentation and tutorials; Don't get me wrong I think is a great initiative and I see a lot of potential in the general industry, but still not working out of box, even using Docker.