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Where is GMX really based? (Germany/EU or USA/PRISM.)

Comment by Arkwright
about GMX and Gmail · Jan 2014 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as spam

The exodus of internet/email users from the US of PRISM (and UK, GCHQ) is understandable. While the description here is that GMX is "German-based" when you look at the contact details it lists California.
Does anyone know whether GMX is subject to the same snooping laws as GMail and other US internet companies implicated in mass-snooping by Ed Snowden?


Comment by tabakis
about GMX · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I've been using gmx since the last millenium. Love their POP3 service (as I don't speak a word of german). Only downside is that they scrapped internationalization some time in the early 00s


Comment by Mickets
about GMX · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

OK. GMX is getting worse. Now, the Filters aren't working (no filters can be added), and the SPAM black/white lists also are showing problems.


Comment by Mickets
about GMX · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Although it seemed like a great alternative to GMail etc, a number of people are getting frustrated with GMX:

  • Maximum of 10 recipients if sendind mail via SMTP (apparently unlimited if via Webmail)
  • Date format is only MM/DD/YYYY and can't be changed.
  • Poor response to feature requests. The above have been requested two years ago, and no solutions yet.

I read this comment above, and totally agree with it. I was just about to post a reply, when I noticed that that comment is also mine!

Anyway, update in 2012: those limitations still remain. But I still use GMX because it works. I use it with Thunderbird 99% of the time, via IMAP, and have not complaints. I would like to export my Thunderbird filters and import them in to GMX (so messages are filtered and organised directly on the server), but (a) it's not possible and (b) I requested it on their forums but until this date, as Phil Collins would say, "no reply at all".

The forums are a bit frustrating themselves. Lots of questions, little amount of answers. And to make things worse, their search tool doesn't work (it returns the number of results, but doesn't display them). The workaround for this is to use Google to search the forums ( keywords).

But why do I still use GMX? Because:

a) I don't want to change my e-mail address yet AGAIN. Tried Zoho (good), Yandex (nice), but I already get mail from old addresses via GMX and GMX is also my MSN address, etc, etc, etc.

b) it works. If one day I have to mail more than 10 recipients, I just write the draft and then use the Webmail to send. I can live with that

c) Ten free e-mail aliases: Yes, I can have up to ten totally different addresses linked to the main one. It's not like GMail's plus-thing ( And there are main domains to choose from (,,, etc)

d) It's not GMail. GMail has its pros, but... it's GMail. That is, another Google thing. I don't want my life on Google. I already have and Android phone, YouTube, Blogger... Google search, Google Earth, Google Maps... GMail as well? No way.