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Comment by em4020
about Cobian Backup · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

No backups every 2nd Monday, no pause when busy, Duplicati is best
It is not good, that missed backups always run, when the computer next time starts up.
Cobian Backup should have an option:
"Run missed backups, only when the system is not busy for 5 minutes and pause missed backups, when the system will be busy again"
Cobian Backup is not able to run Backups only every 2nd Monday. If you need a free solution to backup every 2nd Monday or to start only a backup when system is not busy for x minutes, you must use SyncBack free (1) (only english) or Acronis True Image Home (2) (not free and many languages) or Duplicati (Open Source). SyncBack Free and Areca Backup (Open Source) use the windows Task Manager for the Schedule, Windows Admin rights are necessary for it. SyncBack and Areca cannot cleanup more/older than 4 backups, this only Cobian and Duplicati can do. So Duplicati seems to be the best free backup service.
(1) Small SyncBack iconSyncBack
(2) Small Acronis True Image iconAcronis True Image
(3) Small Areca Backup iconAreca Backup
(4) Small Duplicati iconDuplicati


Comment by bawldiggle
about Cobian Backup · 9 days ago · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Luis Cobian, the developer of Cobian (11.2.x), has SOLD his code to a "James Sweeney" in 2013.

Luis Cobian still provides a forum and has answered several questions even after the sale, but cannot make any fixes/updates to v11.2.0.556. There are no apparent bugs in v11.2.x, according to the newest forum.

Sold announcement by Luis Cobian
The old forum (prior to sale) is now archived and accessible as read-only.
New forum hosted by Luis Cobian for users of Cobian Backup 11.2.x
The new owner of Cobian Backup James Sweeny . . . April-2014

sorry about the Linkedin link, by some freak I was connected just once, there after Linkedin want me to signup. No thanks
As a result; in 2014 Sweeny promised to release a v12.x.x "soon" ... 6 years later ... still waiting ?



Comment by bawldiggle
about Cobian Backup · Aug 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Luis Cobian did sell source code in 2014 BUT has retained the right to still provide Cobian Backup v11 (Gravity)
It is still free from the Cobian website and Softpedia
... Softpedia are offering an older portable version too.
The Cobian Forum is still active and Luis Cobian is responding to threads as at August 2019
The most recent historical VirusTotal scan was dated Aug-2019 which indicates to me the program has a popular reputation
v11 works with Win-XP/2003/Vista/7/8.x/10 FAQs
It's impossible to determine the age of FAQ answers ... but the website is Copyright 2019
I have not used the program but am planning on trialling it ASAP.



No longer Open Source?

Comment by openstar41
about Cobian Backup · Jan 2014 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Looks good, but I noted the source code is for sale - so am not sure of the future for it?

It is an older version (four versions old) which is Open Source.


Thanks for posting about this, I'll definitely have to keep an eye out to see what happens. I wonder if someone will purchase it and immediately make it open source?

Comment by em4020
about Cobian Backup · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I like, use and recommend Cobian Backup Amanita version
It has multilanguage support, is very flexible and it is able to limit the number of backups e.g. to a chooseable maximum of 3 backups. You do not need to delete backups later, because the hard disk is full.
Little disadvantage:
the update function works only with SOCKS proxy or no proxy. I have a problem, because I have an internet-connection using only a HTTP-Proxy, but this is not supported by Cobian Backup until now.
I hope, that the next new Cobian Backup Version has an update function which CAN connect to internet with only a HTTP-Proxy.