Cobian Backup

    Discontinued backup utility for Windows that supported both same-device and FTP backup options.

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      _**Luis Cobian**_, the developer of Cobian (11.2.x), has SOLD his code to a "James Sweeney" in 2013. Luis Cobian still provides a forum and has answered several questions even after the sale, but cannot make any fixes/updates to v11.2.0.556. There are no apparent bugs in v11.2.x, according to the newest forum. [_Sold announcement_]( by Luis Cobian The old forum (prior to sale) is now [_archived_]( and accessible as read-only. [_New forum_]( hosted by Luis Cobian for users of Cobian Backup 11.2.x The _new owner_ of Cobian Backup [_James Sweeny_]( . . . April-2014 :EDIT: sorry about the Linkedin link, by some freak I was connected just once, there after Linkedin want me to signup. No thanks As a result; in 2014 Sweeny promised to release a v12.x.x "soon" ... 6 years later ... still waiting ? _18-Oct-2020_
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