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    Acronis True Image (or simply True Image) is a software product produced by Acronis that provides data protection including, backup, archive, access and recovery for Microsoft, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems.

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      Looking at some of the pervious reviews I would have to add my agreement with how bad True Image has become. Not only is the software slow, buggy and crash prone they have started a forced subscription model just to keep your current version working. This is **_Totally_** greed on the part of the companies part. I could understand a subscription if your were using their cloud back-up system but making forced subscriptions for local copies not only makes no sense it seems criminal! Steer far away from this product the best thing the company has going for it is a marketing.
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      3 days ago
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    • RazTK agreed on a comment on Macrium Reflect as an alternative to Acronis True Image
      Macrium reflect does Incremental and differential backups.
      26 days ago