Graphical hard drive cloning and imaging

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      Very easy to use. It can save the life or your PC.
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      **Full disclosure: I am the developer of Rescuezilla.** If you think this review is biased, feel free to vote this review down. Advanced users will often be coming from [Clonezilla](, which has a complicated text-based interface with a huge number of configuration options: you can go into Clonezilla's "Expert Mode" and tweak just about everything: the compression algorithm, compression level, imaging utility (eg, partclone vs partimage vs ntfsclone vs dd), and much more. Some of these configuration options may be integrated into future versions of Rescuezilla, but even today **Rescuezilla can still restore Clonezilla images created using these 'expert mode' options**. This means Rescuezilla is useful for advanced users, _even_ if you choose not to use Rescuezilla to create your backup because it does not yet provide every configuration option you would like. For typical home users looking for a way to create a hard drive image, Rescuezilla's simple graphical user-interface and Ubuntu Linux based live USB approach should work well for you. It's worth noting that hard drive imaging is definitely a very specialized task that's not necessarily the best approach for all users: it's worth researching whether a traditional file-based backup approach is more suitable for the specific problem you are looking to solve. **Please vote reviews up if they're useful, and consider writing your own review/testimonial. Also please give this project a "like" so more people can find it!**
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