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Comment by lilleyt
about Programmer's Notepad · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Just found out that Obsidian color scheme is in the Tools>Options>Styles configuration. Sweet.

Comment by lilleyt
about Programmer's Notepad · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

A solid choice for a simple yet powerful programmer's editor. Compare's well to the best.

I like the fact that the interface is clean enough to serve as a notepad replacement for the average user, which is the primary reason I went looking again for an editor after being a longtime Notepad++ fan. However, under the hood is a polished feature set focused on the coder, with almost everything you'd expect and no fluff. Bonus points for a logically organized toolbars, options dialog and sensible defaults.

Compares well with Notepad++ and PSPad, my other two favorites, but feels more lightweight while still carrying the necessary features. Has all of the basics you would expect such as syntax-highlighting, find-in-files, show whitespace, macros, notepad-replacement (through registry image file execution), external tools, etc.

It also has the somewhat rare combination of advanced features that I happen to care about:

  • Regex search and replace (perl syntax)
  • Column-mode selection (from scintilla component)
  • Code-folding
  • Python-scriptable

I only am left wanting for a couple features I miss from Notepad++, namely:

  • Obsidian color scheme
  • Ctrl-Shift-arrow to move lines up and down
  • Markdown syntax highlighting

Also works with Zen coding.

Very good stuff. I'm starting to prefer it over Notepad++ and PSPad. Worth a look for any programmer, or regular user. Don't be fooled by the UI into thinking it's not a powerful editor.

Comment by jason001
about Programmer's Notepad · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

far superior to notepad++. I like that you can configure tools per extension

Comment by rocketmonkeys
about Programmer's Notepad · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Very good programming editor, use it daily for all my coding. Regular updates. Very configurable, great regex/search & replace support. Not an IDE, just an editor. Used to use (and paid for) Textpad, but that grew stale after no updates. Tried notepad++, but this was a lot less messy. Highly recommended for a simple & fast but very powerful text editor.