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I so wanted to like it...

Comment by JohnFastman
about NixNote and TagSpaces, Evernote, Turtl · Jan 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 5 Helpful Report as spam

Of course, it's inexcusable that Evernote treats Mac users as 1st class citizens, Windows users as 2nd class and Linux users as... well... something below third class. Evernote releases the nicest apps and clients for Mac, Windows users enjoy fair usability, Linux users get nothing. Nada. Well, they can use the web interface, actually, but Evernote seems to have made that as awful as possible just to discourage it. How that fits with the idea of being a premium productivity-enhancing service, I've no idea.

Nixnote exists to give Linux users a fighting chance. It uses the Evernote API for a Linux-native client. I really wanted to like it too. Nixnote 2 beta is the latest release. I've tested it extensively on Manjaro 16.10 Mate. Sadly, it doesn't rise to the occassion because:

  • it has an ugly interface, starting with the way in which it lists notes. If the UI was a thing, it would be a 1970s hospital bed. Now I realize that sounds terribly petty of me, given that a single guy has tried to defeat the "Evernote won't go on Linux" problem, so please consider this least important.
  • has some kind of Evernote-imposed limitation on the rate of download. If you've got a lot of stuff in Evernote and you go to your Linux machine and install NixNote, it starts downloading it. This is painfully slow. And then, quite early on, a limit is reached and you get an error that says you have to wait 45 minutes for downloading to continue.
  • after a while, this error kicked in: "EDAMNotFoundException: Note note found..." and all syncing stopped. So I have about 20% of my stuff downloaded onto my Linux machine. Searching online revealed this to be an oldie: something about authentication, yada yada... but a replacement for Evernote on Mac Nixnote is not.

In my view, given these limitations Evernote's overt hostility to Linux, I would encourage developers to consider an alternative approach: Develop a Linux-native - or better still cross-platform - note-taking app that saves things locally, simply into a folder. Syncing the data can be handled by the user, with Dropbox, or whatever similar service he/she would like to use. The closest thing I've seen to this in terms of functionality is Leanote, but that's self-hosted (not for beginners) and the website is in Japanese (also not for beginners but in a very different way).

I'm a huge fan of TagSpaces and Turtl. TagSpaces allows you to take notes and organize files through a tagging system. But syncing this is tedious if you want also to sync your tags and the mobile version is too immature to be usable. Turtl takes notes and syncs them with end-to-end encryption. It's an excellent privacy-enhancing idea. But it's in beta and the free version limits attachments to one per note and also the size (under 1MB, it seems). That's unsuprising, given the developer is doing all this for free (please consider a contribution!) but it doesn't an Evernote replacement make (yet).


I tried to use it many times, without success

Comment by caiocco
about NixNote and Evernote · Jan 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Seems SSL libraries of openSUSE has some kind of trouble with NixNote's RPM packages.

For online note taking, I'll have to stick with Evernote for a while.