NixNote, formerly Nevernote, is an open source client for Small Evernote iconEvernote .
It is written in Java so it will also run on Windows & OS-X, but the primary focus has been to try and get a usable environment for Linux.


Synchronizes with Evernote servers
Local data caching
Cross platform
Local-only and synchronized notebooks supported
Database may be encrypted locally



Supported Platforms 3 notes on NixNote's platform support

Mac Windows Linux

Platform comments

  • Mac “Requires Java”
  • Windows “Requires Java”
  • Linux “Requires Java”

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Link to official NixNote site

Official Website


Evernote Client Java Notetaking Add a feature


Office & Productivity



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NixNote claims to be for Windows, Mac and Linux, but primarily Linux. Ok. But what about Windows and Mac? How should it be installed? No obvious information to this effect. For beginners, that's...

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