The ultimate emulator list

  • OS

  • Retropie

    Free Linux Raspberry Pi Website

    Turn a Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming emulation computer !


    Retropie icon
  • Batocera.linux

    Free Linux Raspberry Pi Odroid Website

    An operating system that can be run on a USB flashdrive to turn any PC into an emulation machine ! Really awesome


    Batocera.linux icon
  • Multi emulator

  • RetroArch

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Blackberry iPad OpenPandora Steam Raspberry Pi Playstation Xbox Website

    THE KING !!!
    You can run this on almost everything, I wouldn't be surprised if your microwave supports it. Not super user friendly but you have tons of ressources and tutorials online on how to use it.


    RetroArch icon
  • Lakka

    Free Mac Windows Linux Cubieboard HummingBoard ... Raspberry Pi Nintendo Switch Odroid Website

    Small RetroArch iconRetroArch but with a more familiar UI (PlayStation 3 style)


    Lakka icon
  • OpenEmu

    Free Mac Website

    The best for macOS, really user friendly and super complete !


    OpenEmu icon
  • Eclipse emu

    Free Web Website

    For iOS or iPadOS I use this one since it's a WebApp you won't have problem with Apple revoking access to the app. Open it in Safari and add it to home screen.
    NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, SMS, and GG support.


    Eclipse emu icon
  • Lemuroid

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    For android this is my go to as it's user friendly and pretty complete !

    A26, A78, Lynx, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, Megadrive, Mega CD, SMS, GG, N64, PSX, PSP, Arcade, NDS, PCE, NGP, NGC support.


    Lemuroid icon
  • Mame

    Free Mac Windows Linux AmigaOS MorphOS Website

    This is a multi-system emulator but I love it for Master System, Saturn and GameGear !
    Works on macOS, Windows and Linux !


    Mame icon
  • Nintendo

  • Super Nintendo

  • 64 emulator

  • Gamecube / Wii emulator

  • Gameboy emulators

  • mGBA

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    My go to standalone GBA emulator for macOS, Windows and Linux


    mGBA icon
  • Delta Emulator

    Free iPhone iPad Bitbucket Website

    If you're on iOS, Delta is the one. You will have to download it from the Small AltStore iconAltStore !

    Previously known as GBA4iOS ! It now support NDS emulation !


    Delta Emulator icon
  • DS emulators

  • melonDS

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    A nice DS emulator for macOS, Windows and Linux with an unofficial Android port !

    Worth mentioning :
    Small Drastic iconDrastic Android (paid)
    Small nds4droid iconnds4droid Android
    Small DeSmuME iconDeSmuME dead project


    melonDS icon
  • iNDS

    Free iPhone iPad AltStore Website

    The DS emulator for iOS.


    iNDS icon

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