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    • axcqhsbsadoukciozt reviewed Android
      If you buy a phone like a “normal” person you will get a locked android version bundled with a ton of Google spyware (among others) with many proprietary software components. If you extirpate the non-free part by installing a custom ROM (provided the phone manufacturer has not prohibited you to do so), many (non-free) applications will break and stop being compatible. For instance Trust is abused to prohibit users to run certain applications by “attestation” that you have a phone as it came from the factory; forcing you to not change the OS. All this courtesy of guys like (better said Restricted Computing Group) who fight every day to take away the ability to control your own computer. Do not be fooled, in the practical sense Android IS proprietary software. And thanks to the monopolistic practices, there are no other choices than Apple or Google for “normal” people.
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      about 10 hours ago
    • axcqhsbsadoukciozt Upvoted a comment on Android
      Google used Unix and renamed it Android. Now it profits off of contributions of open source programmers that made Unix and Gnu/Linux. Don't be fooled people, Google just took Linux kernel and added touch support and most importantly "Play store" where developers could make little money and be forced to make their apps free because Google planned it that way. Fast forward a couple years and the whole world is using android, people like those free apps, but they don't realize Google is profiting big time by adding their uninstallable bloatware like Chrome browser. The only way to uninstall Chrome browser is with root access which voids warranty. This is **textbook** Microsoft people! They did the same thing with Internet Explorer in the 90s. They force consumers to use their product, but the average consumer is unfortunately too dumb.
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      about 19 hours ago
    • axcqhsbsadoukciozt Downvoted a comment on Android
      Simple & while Google is not in your face with it like some name brand's...
      about 19 hours ago