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Linux kernel was added to AlternativeTo by vermin96 on Dec 11, 2012 and this page was last updated Mar 26, 2024. Linux kernel is sometimes referred to as Linux.

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Top positive commentMar 15, 2020

The Linux kernel undeniably is one of the greatest achievements and miracles of worldwide collaborative free software development. Projects of such magnitude happen only once in many decades -- if ever.

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It is truly a project that transcends materialism in a money obsessed world. GNU/Linux will be talked about for centuries!

Reply written Jul 17, 2020

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The Linux Maniac
Top positive commentFeb 22, 2021

Linux Is One Of The Most Successful Software, Becuse It's Amazing, Open-Source, And Lightweight

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Positive commentApr 11, 2022

More people should be using this OS.

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ReviewNov 1, 2019

At least its better than Mac.

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Gustavo REis
Negative commentJun 6, 2018

I used to love and use Linux as my main OS for a decade. But with the time, Linux community changed a lot, you as a novice, you will not get friendly and helpful answers from Linux users. Since the news that, Microsoft bought GitHub and my GitHub account has been attacked and flagged by Linux users and banned, Linux became a bullying, toxic and unfriendly of zealots. I switched from Linux to another OS.

If you want to belong to a friendly, nice, open-minded and noobie-tolerant community and not to a community of closed-minded, narrow-minded, rude, noobie-unfriendly and unfriendly Linux zealots, use FreeBSD, macOS, Solaris and Windows instead. Use Gogs and Gitstacks which is a Windows-backed GitHub alternative and there Linux users are almost inexistent.

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The Linux Maniac

How You Can Make That It Is A Linux User, Not All Linux User Are Nice, You Think All Of Them Are Nice, NO, Many Linux Users Are Hackers And Bad Guys, That Because Linux Open-Source, And Why Use Other OS When They Don't Respect Your Privacy And Security

Reply written Feb 22, 2021

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