My privacy / security tools

In recent years advertising companies started to tracks you everywhere on the web (and even in the "real life") spying you, constantly wanting to know what you are doing, when, where, why and even with who.

So I decided to change my "internet lifestyle" in order not to be tracked anymore. I want to keep my private datas for myself even though I have nothing to hide really. But thinking that major companies are selling my everyday life really bother me.

Then if you want to avoid as much as possible beign tracked here are the tools I use daily.

I'll also include some softwares/apps which are not especially privacy focused but security focused.

And forgive me if I do mistakes, english isn't my mother tongue ;)

  • Softwares

  • Mozilla Firefox icon

    Mozilla Firefox

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    Who speaks of online privacy speaks of Firefox. It's really, in my opinion the best web browser and the Quantum update just made it perfect ! It is light, privacy focused, secure, highly customizable. I recommend you check which is going to give you tips how to increase the security and privacy settings.


  • Buttercup icon


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    Buttercup is a good password manager with a modern interface, free, open-source and self-hosted. I recently moved from Keepass2 to Buttercup mainly because BC has a FireFox addon and an official Android app.


  • Bitdefender Antivirus icon

    Bitdefender Antivirus

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    Some are gonna say that having a free anti-virus is enough, which is not false but Bitedefender offers a real and complete protection of your PC including ransomwares protection, webcam protection, anti-spam tool, firewall, you can do an audit of potentials vulnerabilities and so on. It is worth the price


  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware icon

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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    Malwarebytes is a good tool to use along with Bitdefender. It is really effective. I'm using the free version, which is way enough for me.


  • ProtonVPN icon


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    And to finish with the "Software" section here is ProtonVPN. A swiss VPN, cross-platform with free version. It's a no log VPN and I trust it because it is under the Swiss juridiction. The speed is really good, there are a lot of servers and is a TOR-over VPN (I do not use TOR but could be useful)


  • Smartphone apps

  • Simple Calendar icon

    Simple Calendar

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    Simple Calendar is a very good minimalistic, free, open-source, ad-free app and needs almost no authorization (only the one needed) and do not require to connect to internet then it can't steal your data. Though, if you need a more complex calendar with sync and all it is not gonna to suit you.


  • Simple Gallery icon

    Simple Gallery

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    It is made by the same developper as Simple Calendar (Simple Mobile Tools) and just as Simple Calendar it requires only the authorizations it needs in order to works.


  • FreeOTP icon


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    It is, in my opinion, the best alternative to Google Authenticator. Very simple, free, no ads and open-source developped by Red Hat.


  • Simple File Manager icon

    Simple File Manager

    Free Android Website

    Here is another "Simple" app and just as the two above-mentioned it is a really good minimalistic tool privacy focused. It really does the job !


  • Firefox Focus icon

    Firefox Focus

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    This is a very light version of Firefox with the particularity that it does not stores any logs. Whenyou close the app it cleans your history, cookies and tabs. Also, this is the fastest browser I've seen. If you got an old smartphone this will be the app you need.


  • Metal for Facebook icon

    Metal for Facebook

    Freemium Android Website

    As a FB user (which I have to keep in order to keep contact with quite a lot of people I've met) I wanted a good alternative to the spyware which is the official FB app. This one does the job. It requires way less authorization and less critical ones, it is free (with a paid version which gives you a "material interface"). If like me you can't really get rid of FB, this app is gonna suit you.


  • Firefox addons / Search Engines

  • DuckDuckGo icon


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    Here is the one of the most famous alternative to Google Search. If you don't know it ; It's a privacy focused Search engine which do not tracks you. Also it lets you disable ads which are not targeted ads anyways, there also is a "dark theme" which is a blessing for my eyes and it is higly customizable. And there still is the "view image" button for the pictures search not like on Google :).


  • uBlock Origin icon

    uBlock Origin

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    I've tried different Adblockers and this one is my favorite it is easy to use and more than just blocking ads you can also prevent WebRTC leaks (it's a security issue) which is awesome. You can also whitelist the websites you choose if you want to support them.


  • Ghostery icon


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    Ghostery works like Privacy Badger. I use it along with PB so I'm quite sure it does block every trackers. It might be a bit easier to use than PB.


  • HTTPS Everywhere icon

    HTTPS Everywhere

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    This addon encrypts your communications with a lot of major websites. It can prevent your password being stolen if your on a public Wifi for instance. And even in general, it's always better to encrypt everything


  • Qwant icon


    Free Web Website

    Qwant is also a privacy focused browser. Unlike Google or Duckduckgo the interface is not minimalistic which I'm not fan of. With that being said, Qwant has a big advantage Duckduckgo has not, it's a french search engine which is then not under the US juridiction.


  • No Coin icon

    No Coin

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    With the recent rise of cryptocurrencies some website and advertisers puts coin miner in ads or in their website. It's just going to slow down your PC and annoys you a hell of a lot. This addon will just "turn-off" these coin miners.


  • Other

  • ProtonMail icon


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    Protonmail is, in my opinion the best mail service around the internet. This is very secure, open-source, privacy focused, customizable (even more if you know CSS3) and it has a free plan which is more than enough if, like me you send less than 150 mails per day. It comes with 500Mb storage which is also way enough, even if you use this service on a daily basis.


  • Lineage OS icon

    Lineage OS

    Free Android Website

    Lineage OS is an Android based OS for smartphone and the best alternative to Android by Google. By using it you won't be tracked by Google anymore (except if you install Google services btw).